Sometimes, your favorite singers are also great musicians when the songs they have written for other stars are actually top hit songs, some even got high ranks in music charts.

Ke$ha – Till The World Ends

Ke$ha wrote songs for The Veronicas and K-Pop idols, but not everyone knows that the song “Till The World Ends” in the “Femme Fatale” by Britney Spears in 2011 was also written by Ke$ha.

Jessie J – Party in the USA

Before shot to fame with the superhit song “Bang Bang” of pop star Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Jessie J had earned money for living by composing music.

In 2015, she even shared that after she sold the hit song “Party in the USA” released under Miley Cyrus, she had made enough to pay for her rent fee in almost three years.

Ed Sheeran – Little Things

Ed Sheeran was the one behind the ballad hit “Little Things” by One Direction, along with his friend Fiona Beva, when he was just 17 years old.

As reported, the song had been put to the memory box for quite a long time before Fiona Bevan found it in 2012 and decided to send it back to Ed Sheeran. Later then, the musician sent it to One Direction and was in the “Take Me Home” album of the boyband.

Sia – Pretty Hurts

According to the New York Times, the ballad song “Pretty Hurts” of Sia was first written for Katy Perry, but unfortunately, Katy forgot to check her email.

Receiving no reply from Katy Perry, Sia sent the song to Rihanna’s manager. However, the composer continued receiving no answers from for almost 8 months. In the end, the song came to Beyonce‘s hands.

When Katy heard the song, the Fireworks singer shared that she was broken-hearted because Sia didn’t send it to her. In reply, Sia just simply told Katy to “check email”.

Ed Sheeran – Trust Fund Baby

Trust Fund Baby was a hit song of boyband Why Don’t We. However, not everyone knew that the song was a piece of Ed Sheeran.

Sia – Diamonds

“Diamonds” was a recorded song by Rihanna in her album “Unapologetic” (2012). This is a pop-ballad song with a little influence of electronic and soul.

The song told about toxic relationships – which was a familiar topic in Rihanna’s songs. It didn’t take so long for the song to become the world’s superhit at that time and also one of the greatest songs of Rihanna.

With the help from Benny Blanco, Sia wrote the hit at the record in just 14 minutes. Rihanna loved the demo so much and she even imitated song lyrics in Sia’s way.

Ed Sheeran – Love Yourself

The famous single of Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself” was actually the co-composed song by Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and producer Blanco.

At first, the song was meant to be in “Devide” album by Ed Sheeran, but then he soon realized that the song was too personal and harsh, he gave it to Justin Bieber.