Jessie J To Fight With Her Ear Disorder

Jessie J To Fight With Her Ear Disorder
Source: Jessie-J-To-Fight-With-Her-Ear-Disorder

Singer Jessie J has surprised fans by announcing that she has Ménière's disease, which is likely to be unable to sing anymore.

Recently, many famous newspapers have reported that singer Jessie J is currently suffering from Meniere's disease (an ear disorder) and is likely to be forced to leave the stage because she cannot sing anymore. This information is now making fans surprised and worried about the health of Jessie J.


Specifically, Jessie J revealed that after waking up once, the singer suddenly felt like she was completely deaf in her right ear, unable to stand upright as usual. After that, she found out that she had Meniere's disease. So, during the Christmas vacation, Jessie J was hospitalized in an emergency room to treat this disease.

Let's talk a little bit about Meniere's disease. People with this disease will often experience tinnitus in one ear, accompanied by dizziness, nausea, weakness and more serious, permanent deafness. Therefore, the vocal of Price Tag, if not treated in time and properly, will most likely be deaf in one ear and this leads to her inability to sing.

In the latest livestream on Instagram, Jessie J frankly shared with fans her condition is likely to turn bad and now, this disease makes her feel very claustrophobic and uncomfortable.

Jessie J shared: "Last Christmas I was forced to go to the hospital to check and treat my ears. I wondered what was going on with me. But after that, I saw. More optimistic, happier because I thought I found this disease early, and could be treated in time. You know, I feel a lot better after I take the medicine. And today, I tried to sing it out loud but it felt like someone was trying to get out of my ear."


And recently, Jessie J also posted a clip recording the moment she was practicing singing loudly on her Instagram page. It can be seen that in this clip, the female singer is quite difficult in singing when her face continuously shows discomfort. On Twitter, Jessie J officially informed the audience that she had to cancel shows in the near future because she was afraid she could not finish well. Jessie J wants to take time to treat and hope to be able to recover soon to return to the stage very soon.