Adele Suddenly Deleted Album 21

Adele Suddenly Deleted Album 21
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On a beautiful day, netizens discovered that Adele suddenly wiped out the traces of album 21, especially with 2 billion-view MVs. But the fan's reaction is the remarkable thing!

Suddenly one beautiful day, Adele excitedly wiped out all the songs in her 21 album on YouTube, more specifically, there were 2 MV billion views of Someone Like You and Rolling In The Deep. This action of Adele makes many people wonder. Is the British mascot paving the way for a brand new album to come out soon?


As soon as the 21 music products of album 21 gradually disappear from YouTube, there were a lot of fans talking on social media because no one thought Adele herself deleted the hit songs associated with the my singing career like that. A fan asked YouTube directly if this is a system error. Shortly thereafter, the YouTube side responded, they confirmed there was no error here, but Adele himself was the one who deleted.

Adele's act of deleting album 21 soon received the attention of a large audience. Even the keyword Adele soon entered the top trending of Twitter.


At this point, two hypotheses have been posed.

Many believe in the first theory that Adele is paving the way to prepare her fourth studio album to be released. It's been so long, Adele has made people look long and long, happy over and over again because she kept "teasing" the new album but then couldn't find it. And thank goodness, deleting this 21 album is an implicit confirmation that the female singer will actually release a new album soon.

And also because Adele has made fans happy many times because of "teasing" but in the end there is nothing, so this time, even though the act of deleting the album is so obvious, some fans absolutely do not believe that Adele will re export. Au also had to be deceived so much that she became sulky and did not expect anything from Adele's series of hints anymore.