Han Seung Woo to be special guest on talk show ‘Sing and Stay’ Season 2 hosted by Kim Jae...

Han Seung Woo, who recently made a successful solo debut, is coming as the highlight of the music show 'Sing and Stay...

Chill with sweet fall music list from US-UK romantic boy bands

Goodbye on bright sunny days, the sky has changed with gentle autumn days and pouring rain. Time to refresh your music playlist!

Disney’s answer to the lives of Toy Story ‘s characters

Recently, the director of the 'Toy Story' series has just confirmed whether the characters in the film can die or not.

Tenet released 12 posters, revealing extremely attractive virtual content

Warner Bros. launched 12 new posters of the characters in Christopher Nolan's blockbuster Tenet.

Suri Cruise’s gorgeous 14-year-old beauty

It seems Suri Cruise's life is still extremely comfortable and happy even without the care from her father.

Seungkwan to participate in SEVENTEEN online fan meeting despite ankle injury

Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN will overcome his ankle injury and participate in the group's upcoming online fan meeting with his fellow members.

YoonA shows off her elegant beauty in new autumn pictorial as goddess

Actress and member of SNSD, YoonA (Im Yoon Ah) showed off her elegant feminine beauty in the new autumn pictorial.

SuperM to appear for first time in ‘Knowing Brothers’

SuperM has confirmed to appear together in the variety show 'Knowing Brothers' for the first time since their debut.