EXO Kai Shows Of High-Fashion charm in latest pictorial with GUCCI & ESQUIRE

EXO Kai graced the October 2020 issue of Esquire, a men's fashion and life style magazine, with his unrivaled charm.

KARD J.Seph Announces Enlistment In Military On October 5 Through Hand-Written Letter

J.Sep (28, real name Kim Tae Hyung), a member of co-ed group KARD, will enlist in the military this October.

Former Girls’ Generation Member Jessica To Release Novel On K-pop Industry

Jessica Jung, a former member of popular K-pop group Girls’ Generation, will release an autobiographical novel Shine on Sept. 29.

Photographers revealed how great LISA is when they working with BLACKPINK’s maknae

BLACKPINK's main dancer was memorable for a number of reasons.Professional photographers are the ones in charge of taking...

The Social Dilemma: The ‘naked’ scandal of social networks

You may have to take a different look at the platforms you are using after watching The Social Dilemma - the modern...

The Devil All The Time is extremely ‘haunting’

Possessing all the "big names" in the cast, the horror work The Devil All The Time makes viewers stunned by the sad...

5 super thrilling Korean zombie movies

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19 years after the Harry Potter global fever

Few people expect 19 years have passed since the day Harry Potter came to the world audience. The child actors are now...