Cardi B And Kylie Jenner Around Their Showers Story

Cardi B And Kylie Jenner Around Their Showers Story
Source: Cardi-B-And-Kylie-Jenner-Around-Their-Showers-Story

As expected of being the "comedian" of the world entertainment industry, Cardi B's posts always make fans laugh.

Indeed, talking about humor and humor, Cardi B is the factor that has received the attention and love of many fans. Humorous statements, friendly attitude and always likes to make people laugh, and of course, this singer's formidable level is also superior.

Recently, the owner of the hit WAP made people laugh "breathless" with Kylie Jenner on Instagram. The thing is, Kylie Jenner had been seen by everyone that a shower in a $ 35 million mansion had very weak water pressure. There was even a comment saying: "I really don't understand why her shower is so fake, she obviously has a lot of money."


No one would have expected that Cardi B had a story about her own shower with strong water, different from the weak water of the Kylie. People all think that Cardi is 'mocking', comparing her home base completely than the house of Hollywood's hotgirl.


Not posting any messages, but this picture is like automatically making the sound: "Look, my shower is flowing really hard." On Twitter, fans commented loudly: "Haha, my water bill may not be paid, but my shower 'cuts out' Kylie's", "A hundred billion house, a trillion fortune, but whoever's in a world has a boring quality shower?", ...