Selena Gomez shares her anxiety and true thoughts about BLACKPINK collaboration

Selena Gomez shares her anxiety and true thoughts about BLACKPINK collaboration

Selena Gomez is opening up about dealing with her anxiety along with life in quarantine in a wide-ranging new interview.

The 28-year-old actress and singer spoke with Variety on Thursday in a Zoom interview where she spoke on several topics.


The actress revealed that her time in COVID-19 quarantine is "definitely the most time I’ve spent on my own probably since I was 16." Selena Gomez talks about living with anxiety in quarantine.

She added that, at first, the quarantine was, "super uncomfortable," largely due to the "anxiety I was carrying because of everything that is happening."

"I also feel like I got the opportunity to learn a lot about my country in ways that I never have before," Gomez continued.

"I feel like I’ve gained a sense of knowledge and a sense of feeling good about saying what I’m saying, and I feel good about what I’m standing by, and I’m not going to let other opinions conduct what I feel personal," she said.


She also spoke about hew new song with Blackpink entitled Ice Cream, which she released just before Labor Day.

When asked how the song came together, she said, "It’s kind of mutual because we’re at the same label but under different umbrellas."

"I love Blackpink, and I’ve been obsessed with them. I was nervous because it is something that’s stepping out of my zone a little bit, but it was just the best time," she added.


Gomez added that she respects their work ethic, adding, "how much they put into what they do is pretty remarkable."

"So kind of seeing the crossover has been really interesting at the same time for both of us. Each of us got to go into that world together," she added.

The actress also spoke about hosting the new HBO Max cooking series Selena + Chef, which also came together during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"It was actually just during the quarantine. I had just moved into my house, and I had this dream kitchen, and I just imagined making meals and doing all of that, but then I realized I only knew how to cook like five things," she said.

When asked if she still has hope for America as a country, she emphatically stated, "One thousand percent — that’s something I’ll never let go of."

"My friend sent me a news story that said statistically, my generation and maybe younger has shown less interest in voting than ever. It didn’t make sense because if anything, why wouldn’t we be more motivated to do that?"