The Dreamy Selena Gomez

The Dreamy Selena Gomez
Source: The-Dreamy-Selena-Gomez

Being attached to sexy image, Selena Gomez's latest photo makes netizens extremely excited.

Without any announcement, Selena Gomez made social media extremely surprised to share a brand new image from the music project called De Una Vez, which debuted on January 15. The image of a muse with the sweet and sexy beauty quickly stormed Instagram, and after only 7 hours of posting, Selena received 3.5 million likes. Being attached to sexy image, now, Selena Gomez also "anesthetizes" people with beautiful beauty in the new project.


Not only that, Selena also add the teaser of the new song. In the clip, the owner of the hit song Love You Like A Love Song becomes a gentle, loving and mature muse. Because of the sudden "transformation" above, now, Selena is making fans extremely look forward to and waiting for the official MV of this brand new song.