Selena Gomez: Timeless Beauty

Selena Gomez: Timeless Beauty
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Looking back at Selena Gomez's two sets of photos taken in 2010 and 2020, netizen can't stop admire her top beauty.

In the Hollywood entertainment industry, Selena Gomez is a cult 9X beauty and has kept the most stable hot temperature for more than a decade. The loud love story and her career resonated with Selena Gomez continuously being a hot name in the newspapers. Not only that, she is also a powerful beauty on Instagram with an account about 200 million followers, receiving millions of "hearts" for each photo posted on this social network.


Recently, an Instagram account shared a photo taken from two sets of photos taken exactly 10 years apart by Selena. One was taken by Cosmopolitan magazine in 2010, and one published by People magazine recently. Just a decade has passed, but the thing that fans are most impressed with is the increase in beauty, becoming more and more sexy than ever.


Coming to the set of People photos made in 2020, the fans were more surprised with her mature beauty, irresistible charisma. Her eyes are no longer innocent, but instead a deep experience has made her beauty more "magical". It can be seen that time has forgotten the beauty of the beauty.