Taylor Swift Transformation: From Country Princess to "Folklore"

Taylor Swift Transformation: From Country Princess to "Folklore"

Taylor Swift has grown so much since she made her first debut at the age of thirteen, until the present day when she dr...

Taylor Swift has grown so much since she made her first debut at the age of thirteen, until the present day when she dropped "Folklore" album.

Every change during her career came along with specific milestones in her own life. Let's take a look at how long she's been gone.!

Debut at 16 - (2006-2007)


At the age of 16, Taylor Swift made her debut for the first time with a self-titled album with hit songs like "Tim McGraw", "Teardrops on My Guitar" and "Our Song". With her curly hair and country twang, Swift has become the country princess.

Fearless era at 18


Taylor released her second album Fearless just two years after the first one, but she seemed to grow up much than before. During this time, she confirmed for a love story with Jonas Brothers' member, Joe Jonas.

Winning the first Grammy at 20


At the age of 20, she received four awards at her first Grammys including Best Female Country Vocal Performance, Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and Album of the Year for Fearless. She became the youngest artist to win Album of the Year.

RED era at 22


Taylor Swift slowly turned to a new music genre like dance-pop and heartland rock, besides her signature country tune. She also looked more mature and grown-up with classic red lipstick.

Reputation tour at age 26


In 2017, she made a comeback with Reputation album while showcasing a more trendy look with short bang and curly hair, but in a more subtle way. She also had a healthier figure than the time she was the country princess.

Lover era


This era had Taylor Swift changed most hairstyles, and also her styles in music. The singer was free to express her true self as well as portraying what's been through during the break time. She’s proven to be a young woman maneuvering the world like any other, only under the spotlight.

Folklore - Taylor Swift latest album in 2020


Without any announcement earlier, Taylor revealed a brand new album to drop just a few hours before the official release. She completed "Folklore" in just two months of quarantine with 16 songs. In this album, she has tried a new genre which is folk-pop. Congratulations, Taylor Swift!

The album has been released now. Check it out!