Songs With Famous Horror Lyrics

Songs With Famous Horror Lyrics
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Many artists have chosen to exploit the theme of horror and bring it into the music, from the legendary band Queen to the cult rapper Eminem and now Taylor Swift.

Besides the topics like love and life are so popular, many artists also choose to exploit difficult topics to bring into the music. Those are the stories of the killer, or the words of a person about to commit suicide,...

Here are songs with famous horror elements of the US-UK music industry. Will you be brave enough to fully enjoy these haunting music?

1. I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded - Pasty Montana

Because the debut at the time of the horror topic was not exploited as much as now, I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded received great attention from music listeners. This is one of the first horror songs by the female artist to have sold more than 1 million copies. Pasty Montana released the song in 1949. The song is about a girl named Miss Effie. She and her mistress act intimate with each other, but because she doesn't feel the excitement, she shoots a gun in the guy's thigh and says sorry for not knowing the gun was loaded. That's why the song's title is I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded.

2. Mother - John Lennon

Mother may not be a horror song, but the story behind Mother as well as its sad melody makes listeners shiver with obsession. Mother is a song that John Lennon wrote about his mother Julia - the woman who took care of him and inspired him to inspire the music, brought him to The Beatles. John Lennon wrote the song Mother at the time after breaking up with the Beatles (September 1969) to start a solo career. During the period of psychological treatment, John Lennon remembered his haunted childhood with many events, also remembered his deceased mother, giving birth to a scary song by the US-UK music industry at that time. .

3. Goodbye Earl - The Chicks

Goodbye Earl is a prominent song in the music career of the girl group The Chicks - one of the most successful Country music groups in history when receiving 19 nominations and 12 prestigious Grammy awards. Goodbye Earl is a story about three characters: Mary Anne, Wanda and Wanda's husband Earl. In the MV there is a picture of Wanda holding Mary Anne's hand and killing her husband and hiding her body. This image caused radio stations to think too much to promote violence and was banned from distribution on many stations. But that still hasn't stopped Goodbye Earl from appearing in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

4. The Show Must Go On - Queen


The Show Must Go On was released in October 1991. The song expresses the Queen's desire to continue his musical career - Freddie Mercury - although he is on the verge of losing his strength. strong. When Freddie Mecury recorded the song, he was basically just a corpse with AIDS. Exhausted and exhausted, I thought I could not record the song, but fortunately, Freddie used a little wine to recover and started recording. Surprisingly, even though it is an extremely difficult song, he only performed it once and completed it once. Freddie died shortly thereafter, leaving this song as a last word.

5. Kim - Eminem


Kim is Eminem's music product about the heated quarrels between him and his wife. The song once shocked many people because all the heavy words in the quarrel were fully included. The scariest part is probably the end of Kim - the sound of killing his wife when she can't stand any more betrayal. The whole song is the sound of crying, screaming and even screaming. The song extremely haunts listeners with loud melodies on the background of scary lyrics. It must be clear that, although all the quarrels and betrayals of Kim's wife are real, the ending to kill her is just a fantasy.

6. Blown Away - Carrie Underwood

Should have given the title "queen of murder songs" to singer Carrie Underwood because she owns so many songs, each song is a unique object and the way to kill is also unique and apple. more daring. Such as Blown Away. The song is about a daughter's hatred for a tornado to blow her father away forever, because her father caused physical and mental pain to her mother and child.

7. No Body, No Crime - Taylor Swift


And Taylor Swift's latest song on the ninth studio album evermore released a few days ago is also listed in the list of famous horror songs of the US-UK music industry. Contrary to the tender, tender colors of other songs on the album evermore, No Body, No Crime tells about a mysterious murder with many complexities of 5 characters: Taylor, Este friend, husband of Este, her husband's mistress, and Este's sister. Taylor and Este are two close friends. Este had told Taylor about her suspicion of her husband's cheating. Not long after that, Este was reported missing and a few days later found his mistress had moved in with him. Taylor told Este's sister and planned his revenge: to kill the bastard husband again and put the blame on his mistress again.