Angelina Jolie confirmed to dub for the movie “The One and Only Ivan” because her daughter Shiloh liked the work.

On August 21, the actor said on Good Morning America: “My daughter read the book and liked the character Ivan very much. After that, I learned about the book and knew about the film project”.


Angie is interested in the character of the elephant mother Stella, which she voices. “She worries that when she dies, she will not protect her. Stella seeks to empower others to protect her child. That detail is very different from normal children’s movies,” said star.

The One and Only Ivan is a Disney project, based on the comic book of the same name by writer K. A. Applegate and artist Patricia Castelao. The work tells about the gorilla Ivan who lives in an animal circus at the supermarket. Ivan also knew Stella and Ruby when staying here.


When Stella got sick, she entrusted Ivan to take care of Ruby. Witnessing the circus boss torturing Ruby, the monkey remembers his promise to Stella and tries to release the baby elephant.

The work is scheduled to hit theaters in the US in August but was canceled due to pandemic. The One and Only Ivan is currently shown on the online movie system Disney Plus.

Angelina Jolie is currently avoiding the epidemic in Los Angeles with her three adopted children – Maddox (18 years old), Pax Thien (16 years old), Zahara (15 years old) – and three biological children – Shiloh (14 years old), Knox and Vivienne (12 years old).