WandaVision's Trillion-Dollar Budget Surpasses The Avengers

WandaVision's Trillion-Dollar Budget Surpasses The Avengers
Source: WandaVision-s-Trillion-Dollar-Budget-Surpasses-The-Avengers

The budget of the blockbuster WandaVision is so great that tall skyscrapers can be built.

At present, WandaVision is the hottest name of Marvel and Disney when it has only released 2 episodes, but received the praise rain without escape. On the Rotten Tomatoes dot scale, the film is low at 97% fresh. Episode 1 and episode 2 are rated 100% by critics - making WandaVision the best name in the Marvel universe so far.


With the first 2 episodes of relatively short length (only about 20 minutes excluding the movie title) and following the classic black and white sitcom, few people dare to expect that WandaVision's budget is actually so much that it wants to fall back. The Hollywood Reporter page reported that Disney had been diligently "pouring" up to 25 million dollars for an episode of WandaVision. This figure is more than the budget for each episode of The Mandalorian - the series of the Star Wars universe with quality techniques but only costs 15 million dollars.

Thus, season 1 of WandaVision with 9 episodes will have a total budget of 225 million dollars. For comparison, the blockbuster Avengers every year only costs Disney 220 million dollars.

This huge amount of money also makes many viewers suspect because the first 2 episodes of the film do not use too advanced or "virtual" techniques. If some comments believe that in fact a lot of money is due to paying ... cat-car actors, many others also hope that Marvel is actually just "pooling money" for later episodes, opening up the battles are tense and cruel worthy of blockbuster.

WandaVision's investment is equivalent to the budget that the next Marvel series will receive. Typically, there will be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye both raising $ 25 million / episode, expected to be released in 2021.

As can be seen, Disney and Marvel are really dedicated to the drama game and Disney +. The more you invest heavily, the most profitable person is the audience when they are spoiled for being immersed in countless blockbusters of all kinds.