We are not too unfamiliar with Disney characters as well as US-UK stars such as Tom Hiddleston, Rihanna, Lady Gaga … But sometimes these music stars transform into characters. Things that come out of rat-house movies can surprise you with convincing.

As a fan of Disney, a Ukrainian artist has used images of these stars to bring animated characters to life.

Rihanna – Tiana

Every figure of the singer is so similar to Disney princess Tiana, from her eyes, hair to the honey skin. Admittedly, when Rihanna transforms into a princess in the Frog Prince, doesn’t it make sense?


Tom Hiddleston – Hades

Hades was portrayed by Tom Hiddleston’s face which must be said to look good. The artist skillfully painted more fiery hair and golden eyes to make Tom Hiddleston the perfect real-life version of Aladdin’s villain.


Selena Gomez – Moana

Selena Gomez has the eyes and eyebrows very similar to Moana, so maybe she is the best choice to portray this character. Looking at Selena with wavy hair like this makes her has the princess-ish vibe more, right?


Lady Gaga – Ursula

Lady Gaga’s ghostly but extremely attractive beauty inspired the female painter to portray the villain of the Little Mermaid cartoon. Just adding her fluffy hair makes Lady Gaga look like a powerful witch.


Billie Eilish – Kida Nedakh

Kida Nedakh is the second female in the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, her white hair and big round eyes were perfectly portrayed by Billie Eilish. This movie is currently being wanted by a part of Disney fans to make a live-action, do not know if the rat family has any thoughts about sending an invitation to Billie Eilish?


Margot Robbie – Elsa

The resemblance between Margot Robbie and this Elsa from “Frozen” drawing is so uncanny, we can’t let it go.