Angelina Jolie had quite extraordinary youth with dreams which not everyone has ever thought of.


Recently, the childhood photos of Angelina Jolie were revealed by Daily Mail that made the audience extremely excited.

More specifically, the article also provides many unique things revolving around life and bold, rebellious thoughts of the actress when she was young. The photo was taken when Angelina Jolie was 14 years old, with a unique style and showing a strong personality. It is known that the Maleficent star has never dreamed of becoming a celebrity.


A friend of Angelina Jolie shared: “We partied. We drank and smoked cigarettes and took acid. We roamed about wherever we could get on the bus.” Contrary to the current luxurious life, the actress used to have a normal childhood with friends like many other schoolboys.


The friend confided that she first met Angelina while they were studying together in Los Angeles, California. She was impressed by the beautiful and eccentric of the actress. However, she also assesses Angelina, who has a warm heart, generously, or lends money to friends and donates to the homeless.


Moreover, Angie was attracted to the dark side and dreamed of becoming a funeral director and even took a course in embalming. “Angie was attracted to the dark side and dreamed of becoming a funeral director and even took a course in embalming” – the friend added.


Like many other high school young people, Angelina Jolie also had a love affair when still on the school chair. She confided in a letter to her friends: “I met Mr. Perfect. I don’t know his name; he’s a great kisser. I’ll never see him again!”


In another letter, she shared her relationship with her family: “I’d rather lay naked in a pit full of red ants than go visit my relatives.” It can be seen that the relationship between Angelina and her family at that time was very stressful.


The friend also revealed that she was mad when her mom gave her birth control pills and granted permission for Angie’s boyfriend to sleep in her room. After her parents divorced, Angelina lived for a short time with her father, but the relationship between them was not good.

“At the time, Angie was furious and very angry by him. He brought a brand new computer for Angie and her brother James at a time when computers were expensive and scarce.” the friend shared.


Her childhood photos and her friend’s revelation made fans somewhat understand the past of the actress born in 1975. Despite having an unhappy childhood with her family, she later had the charm of the entertainment industry and became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Currently, although still tripping the footsteps of her parents when breaking up with her husband Brad Pitt, she still has a happy, precious life with her children.