BLACKPINK Lisa is known for her perfect dancing skills and the unavoidable charisma that could attract any people when they first land their eyes on BLACKPINK.

These 6 performances on this list are top HOTTEST times that Lisa truly set the whole fan base on fire while she showcases her amazing dancing movements as well as the delivery through body language and the music.


What did she say? “I’m the hottest”, and no one could deny this fact!

1. The third LILI’s film

This iconic dancing video of Lisa was released on April 20 and that night, the whole fanbase of BLACKPINK has been experienced a shocking event because the ultimate sensual she has delivered.


Wearing a tight, long-sleeve sweater in the blue color, she mixed it with a tight black shorts and high boots. The main dancer of BLACKPINK dons a gorgeous long black hair which perfectly whips every time she does any sharp moments.

The third LILI’s film dancing is also her performance with the most sensual and seductive choreography that she’s ever done.

Views: Over 39 million

2. The second LILI’s film

The second LILI’s Film was more powerful than the one succeeding it. Filled with popping moves, Lisa showed off her power and attitude.


Lisa turned into a new character with a cool vibe like an urban city girl. She wore a set of clothes with camouflage when wearing a turban covered her long hair.

Views: Over 28 million

3. The Lisa X Kiel Tutin Choreography Video

Despite dancing along with a professional dancer like Kiel, Lisa still showed her best state with perfect confidence!


Wearing a basic baseball cap, her blonde, straight hair looked like a beautiful wave of golden streams whenever Lisa hit the dance movements.

Her outfit fell in the same recipe but succeeded, as always, in showcasing her gorgeous figures at the best.

Views: Over 27 million

4. The Youth with You Mentor Stage

Lisa’s first solo dance in front of the trainees of IQIYI‘s Youth With You was as a dance mentor. She lit the stage on fire with her presence!


What was the most memorial thing about this video is that Lisa was donning a feminine, princess-like vibe as she wore a beautiful white croptop with patterns but mixing with a cool black leather pants, which made the whole outfit more badass and fashionable.

The choreography of this performance was not only hard but it required the body’s perfect flexibility, as the main dancer of BLACKPINK nailed it for sure.

Views: Over 13 million

5. The Mentor Collaboration Stage

In the stage where Lisa collaborated with her chosen trainees from Youth With You, she did a feminine and strong performance to “I’m Not Yours”.


Not gonna lie, the short appearance of Lisa has made the whole audience forget about the trainee’s play as she brought up the wildness of Latin outfit while dancing passionately like any Spanish girl.

Views: Over 11 million

6. The Swalla Performance

Don’t you ever forget this iconic – legendary dance of Lisa when she danced to Swalla of Jason Derulo. This video will forever be a shocking event for Blinks and any other fans all around the world.


Swalla of Lisa is a complete combination of cute expressions, sexiness, breathtaking dancing skills and unavoidable charisma that only this girl could pull off on stage! There’s no chance for people to handle this stage but still want to keep eyes on Lisa. Truly a dance queen!

View: Over 8 million

This song also has the 2.0 version which has her upgraded the choreography as well as the hotness. Don’t forget to check it below!

Views: Over 2.5 million

Which stage do you like best?