BLACKPINK will have a special meeting with global fans through ‘TikTok Stage With BLACKPINK’.


According to YG Entertainment on October 14, “The ‘TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK’ live stream will be held for about 100 minutes from 7 PM KST on October 21.”

The show will be broadcast live on TikTok mobile application. In addition, some winners of an earlier event will be given the opportunity to participate in the screen.

During the show, the 4 members will talk about their first full-length album ‘THE ALBUM’, as well as engage in pleasant communication with fans through various sections such as updates and quizzes.


As BLACKPINK is famous for their unusual love for fans, it is expected that they will spend more time with BLINKs around the world through this live show.

Previously, the girls’ own documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky‘ was released on Netflix, garnering positive reviews and feedbacks from both fans and non-fans.