BLACKPINK Rosé Revealed Her Bond With Saint Laurent

BLACKPINK Rosé Revealed Her Bond With Saint Laurent

It is a fact that BLACKPINK is truly a girl group of ambassadors, especially high-fashion brands in the world. During a...

It is a fact that BLACKPINK is truly a girl group of ambassadors, especially high-fashion brands in the world. During an interview with DAZED Korea, BLACKPINK Rosé has opened up about the cause of her to become the Ambassador of Saint Laurent.


BLACKPINK Rosé and DAZED had an open-up and comfortable interview, more like a little chat where she has shared some sincere thoughts about the group's current success and her own activities. In this chat, Rosé revealed the destiny for her and Saint Laurent to match with each other.


Q: "Rosé" is originally a word to describe the "light-pink" shade. As a noun, it has to be some kind of wine or just "Ro sé". (The clock was pointing at 9PM).

Rosé: I have to go to practice now. Maybe tomorrow will start a bit late than, so I have to go practice now to complete today's shoot.

Q: Not like normal wine that needs to brew, in real life, the grown-up process of people is about the gap of age. On October 14, the "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky" released on Netflix.

R: "We recorded out journey from the debut days to how we had prepared for it. It's like a summarize of our childhoods and what we dream of. It is indeed a grown-up documentary of BLACKPINK."

Q: The girl, who has left everything the image of the girl who plays guitar behind, to become the Global Ambassador of Saint Laurent, the brand which is honored as the pride of Paris's fashion world and the main character of Maison Margiela, the French luxury fashion house headquartered in Paris by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Your elegant black and white photo is displayed in every main street, every magazine's cover in a variety of countries.

R: I have a good relationship with Saint Laurent after the shoot with Dazed (10/2019). It was an unforgettable memory for me and also Saint Laurent. So when I receive the invitation (to become the brand's Global Ambassador), I was so excited.

Chaeyoung (Rosé's real name) used she used a high-pitched voice when she shared about her bond with Saint Laurent. That made her eyes and voice were like the energy of a blooming rose. That energy was so obvious if you watched her interview.


R: I'm not used to new styles or cute styles. I prefer simple, but elegant and modern clothes. That's why I often use Saint Laurent's items because we have something in common. In Saint Laurent, I can feel the audacious but minimal at the same time, not those fancy dresses. They have unique designs and patterns. Saint Laurent has their own splendid, but I could make that flashy vibe into my daily styles. That's the biggest reason why I love Saint Laurent.

R: Last spring, when I wore an all-black outfit with the Solferino bag and knee-boots; I mesmerized his facial expressions at Saint Laurent Show in Paris. Sweet, elegant and smooth.

Q: Chaeyoung, you have described Anthony Vaccarello with just three words. You're truly his fan.

R: I think my style is closer to "classic", but not only that. I have to dig deep into Anthony's styles. I always ask myself why could he be so creative with Latex and unique ideas. There are so many range of colors and patterns, and also stories about Saint Laurent's classic uniqueness. The more I look at those designs, the more amazing I feel.

Rosé's pink mixes with the classic black of Saint Laurent creates such depth to her aura. When fall is coming and November is nearer than ever. Now the gate leading to the world has been closed, a brighter path will take over. Rosé is now ready to go on the "classic" way that no one has ever gone before.