Among all the famous people who once admit being a Blink (BLACKPINK’s fandom), best friend of BLACKPINK Lisa turns out to be the princess of a royal family in Bulgari.


Recently, Lisa shared a story supporting the new song Ice Cream from a special fan. Specifically, the youngest member BLACKPINK mentioned here is called Mafalda. After finding out, Blinks fans were feverish at this girl’s “huge” profile.


Specifically, Mafalda Cecilia is a princess in the Bulgari royal family, whose father is Prince Kyril and her paternal grandfather is King Simeon II. She has become a close friend of Lisa in particular and BLACKPINK in general since 2018. That is to say, no one can resist the charm of BLACKPINK, even if it is a noble royal princess. The already crowded BLACKPINK “fansite” now admits another powerful character.


Princess Bulgari Mafalda was born in 1994, currently living in the UK and pursuing a career as a singer. Mafalda and Lisa first met at a fashion event in 2018 and quickly became friends thanks to their similar personalities and fashion sense. This princess is also a familiar guest of luxury international shows.


Since then, the two have been continuously sharing each other’s music, congratulating each other for their comeback. In 2019, Princess Bulgari attended the BLACKPINK concert and also met the group backstage, this series of photos quickly caused fever, Mafalda was commented on personality and style as the 5th member of BLACKPINK.