A lot of people like to look at the line distributions of K-Pop groups, and we’ve already taken a look at BLACKPINK‘s in the past. What fans don’t typically think about as much are the center distributions of the members — that is, who has the most center time during a dance, since while it is often similar to the line distribution, that’s not always the case!

Usually lead or main dancers get the most center time, which makes sense, given that the center member is the focal point of watching dance performances. Below are the center distributions for 10 of BLACKPINK’s songs, as well as the amount of center time that each member has had total. Check them out for yourself, and see how fair you think they are!

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2. “Whistle”

3. “Playing With Fire”

4. “As If It’s Your Last”


6. “Forever Young”

7. “Kill This Love”

8. “Don’t Know What To Do”

9. “How You Like That”

10. “Ice Cream”


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While Jisoo does have the least amount of center time, it’s not terribly less than the other members. Lisa has the most amount of total center time, but again, it’s not vastly greater than the rest of the group, so overall, BLACKPINK’s center distribution is fairly even, which may not be assumed due to their line distribution!