With the news that the COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated, Disney recently announced that a $ 200 million blockbuster – Mulan – will be shown on its Disney + online TV system.

The biggest reason given by the Mickey Mouse House is to ensure the safety of the audience, there is no need to go to the crowded theater and minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection.


However, another Disney movie, The New Mutants is still set to be on theaters on August 28, on the same occasion as Mulan.

The New Mutants is a horror movie from Fox’s X-Men movie universe, now part of Disney.

On the Reddit film forum, many people also felt unreasonable in Disney’s decision to launch these two movies. According to them, if it was considered reasonable to bring Mulan on the home screen, the decision to keep The New Mutants in theaters reflected the disregard for the epidemic, as well as for the health of the audience.


Some people have different thoughts: simply Disney is just wanting to end Fox’s X-Men universe as soon as possible to re-establish everything in Marvel Phase 4 universe.


Thus, when Disney acquired Fox, the Mouse House also inherited this contract, requiring The New Mutants to be shown in theaters, not immediately thrown on Disney + or Hulu.

The future of The New Mutants is as dark as its horror film label, and many predict the film will have to retreat back to the streaming platforms if it really wants to have an audience.