Wonder Woman to be released online?

Wonder Woman to be released online?

There is currently information that the last blockbuster of 2020 is Wonder Woman 1984 will being shown online. These...

There is currently information that the last blockbuster of 2020 is Wonder Woman 1984 will being shown online.

These days, major Hollywood studios are piling up announcing plans to delay showtimes to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic. This makes the theater situation in 2020 more remote than ever, while the number of movies for the next few years is tight. However, there is still a name that is being kept in 2020, the DC blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984. Although the other films have also been relocated, Warner Bros. keeping the schedule of Wonder Woman 1984 also attracted many people's attention.


Specifically, Giant Freakin Robot - a website about European cinema has officially posted news that Warner Bros. is learning from Mulan to bring 1984 Wonder Woman to the online cinema system. Although the site itself says this information is only coming from a trusted source and the reader should not be 100% convinced, looking at the current state of affairs, this information is also very reasonable.

According to this source, Warner Bros. are forced to screen Wonder Woman 1984 in December because they have no other choice. Considering the survival situation of the current theaters with the stunned rival series that are hosting Wonder Woman in 2021, the decision to put "beautiful heroin" on stream can be seen as a reasonable solution. In countries where the epidemic is already under control, the movie might open in theaters normally.


This decision is probably due to the status of US theater chains on the brink of bankruptcy. Regal Theaters - the country's second-largest theater chain, has closed all of its branches and did not give information on when they will reopen. AMC - America's largest theater chain, has announced that they will have to close permanently within 6 months if nothing changes. Considering the situation of the delayed films, most likely will miss the AMC theater chain and they are more likely to have to stop doing business.

Therefore, delaying the release of the film won't help Hollywood if by the time the movie finally shows up, there won't be any more theaters open. Warner Bros. Films also realized that streaming movies online was inevitable, and they didn't want to be behind in doing it. Instead, they want to take the first steps, starting with 1984 Wonder Woman on their own online TV - the most likely it will be HBO Max.

There are still cinemas in the US open, and it is likely that the studio will show Wonder Woman both in theaters and online, though many speculate that the majority of viewers will choose to watch the film online rather than squeeze in between. movie theaters and increase susceptibility to infection. It is not yet known whether Warner Bros. Would like to raise more money for the audience to watch the movie like what Disney is doing with Mulan.