Wonder Woman 1984: To Save Or To Ignite The End Of Theaters

Wonder Woman 1984: To Save Or To Ignite The End Of Theaters
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Will the bold decision of the blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 debut or will save the movie industry or further endanger the film industry?

In a year without a blockbuster, theaters fell into a more dire situation than ever. Concerns about Covid-19 made audiences increasingly want to stay away from the cinema, while in many places the government did not allow cinema activities to be held. AMC - the world's leading chain of theaters is also on the verge of bankruptcy because the theaters cannot operate at full capacity, so there are no blockbusters to invite audiences. It is this that makes Wonder Woman 1984 - DC superhero movie become a brilliant name, released at the end of the year and also carried a ray of hope "breaking the box office", reviving a industry. karma is sleeping in silence because of the epidemic. However, can this "goddess" be able to?

Wonder Woman 1984 is not saving theaters, but is saving herself


Before Wonder Woman 1984, in the second half of 2020, Tenet and Mulan were "shipped" despite Covid-19 being raging. Unfortunately, both did not meet the great expectations of the manufacturer. Tenet's long but easily exhausted run made the film not achieve a valuable record, although the quality as well as the visuals and music were highly appreciated. Blockbuster revenue of more than 200 million dollars - too "petty" compared to the old works of director Christopher Nolan.

On the contrary, Mulan is also shown on the Disney + online site, and at the same time in theaters in several countries. The sales figure of the Chinese heroine until now is still hidden by Disney, nobody knows and no one cares anymore. Neither of these films can turn the 2020 theater situation around, instead serving as an example of the film industry's demise over Covid-19.

The major movies are still being produced evenly, but not many dares come to theaters throughout the year. This backlog requires producers to act, and Wonder Woman 1984 was the first shot of the Warner Bros. franchise of 2021. just go to theaters, just go online. This information received mixed reactions. While filmmakers, theaters objected strongly, the audience was extremely supportive, simply because they were too… lacking in blockbusters.

In the past, movie studios and theaters would work together to divide the amount of tickets the movie brought back. This is a "win-win" relationship that has existed for a long time, seemingly impossible to delete. But Covid-19 hit and hit theaters quickly, accelerating the application of technology in film distribution and as a result the cinema was slowly being marginalized.

Is 1984 Wonder Woman the savior of theaters? The answer is probably not. Wonder Woman 1984 will be its own savior: the publisher and HBO Max system, but the "big DC" is certainly not nonsense to save the risky traditional movie experience.

The battle of online VS. theaters: Which side will win in the "new normal" era?


Perhaps if the epidemic continues as it is now in the West, the end of the theater is fully visible in the near future. Who would dare to save the movie theater, when one's own health could be in danger? The studios also have to rebalance their own profit model, cannot wait for a certain "safe moment" that is too far away, shaken in the future.

But when people no longer have the habit of going to theaters to watch blockbusters, can the experience of enjoying movies at the tiny home TV bring satisfaction? Will great movies be cared for, meticulously invested in every frame and technique when it costs so much money, they will end up only being able to watch on TV (and at most, theaters in one few countries)?

Article Warner Bros. to look forward to now is the success of Wonder Woman 1984, but not in theaters. They are trying to use it as a move to help HBO Max - its online TV system - strong enough to take on the big names Netflix (nearly 200 million users) or Disney + (about 74 million people. (used), in the race to dominate the future of a moving industry, theaters are falling behind.