On behalf of the concert that “Closer” DJ, The Chainsmokers held with thousands of audience amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Poppy has tweeted to call out this event.


Fans of Poppy has gone through a heart-strike when the singer posted on Twitter a tweet directly mentioned two DJs of The Chainsmokers after the band went on trending because they hold a concert in this sensitive time.

Thousand of people have arrived and joined in the concert, despite the social-distancing instructions are still forced to follow. With that amount of participants, it doesn’t seem like they are keeping 2-meter distance with each other at all. And of course, none of them will want to wear a protective masks while head-banging with the exciting music.


The DJs continued to receive harsh critics from the social community when denying to follow the social distancing rules, and even make the situation worse.

After Poppy took on twitter to condemn the band, the female singer has been immediately getting herself in an aggressive internet attack by fans of The Chainsmokers. They called out that Poppy used the COVID-19 as a disguise, and she just wanted to attract the attention of the public, which led to her decision to be involved in this.

However, they are just fans of the two DJs. Many others have stood up to support her and sentence the dangerous decision of the band to have a concert during this time. The Chainsmokers is believed to disregard people’s lives.

Right now, the United States is the country with a superior numbers of COVID-19 patients, with almost 5 million infected people and thousands of patients were reported as dead.

It came to such a surprise and hardly understand when the Americans still decide to join in the concert, which is surely to be a massive crowd.