[Ranking] Worst to best X-Men Movies - Part 1

[Ranking] Worst to best X-Men Movies - Part 1

It has been 20 years for Fox to produce 13 movies in the X-Men universe, now let's take a look at this ranking list inc...

It has been 20 years for Fox to produce 13 movies in the X-Men universe, now let's take a look at this ranking list included the worst to best movies in history, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

13. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix directed by Simon Kinberg revolves around a character Jean Gray who loses control of her power after a mission to rescue American astronauts, leading to a fragile peace between humans and m.u.t.a.n.t.s at risk of being destroyed, as well as the threat from the alien race.


The critics agree that the movie has been a disappointing ending of the franchising by repeating the old mistake of adapting the classic title, to a failure product.

12. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The first independent film of the second most favorite X-Men character is Wolverine, X-Men Origins - Wolverine which was made to help the audience understand more about his adamantium nails.


The critics said that even though Hugh Jackman tried his best, he still could not save a bad and bland script of the movie.

11. X-Men: Apocalypse

Following the success of X-Men: The Old Days of the Future, director Bryan Singer didn't achieve the expected success from the public. The film revolves around the process of joining m.u.t.a.n.t.s in the face of a threat called Apocalypse - an ancient mutant who recruited 4 powerful m.u.t.a.n.t.s to the position of his four knights, in order to destroy humanity, free m.u.t.a.n.t.s of the agony they have endured.


Critics agree that the movie has so much of nothing new actions that the villain has overshadowed the cast, as well as its resonance concept, making the movie nothing more than a deep note in this superhero franchise.

10. One Upon A Deadpool

Overall, this is a PG-13 version of D.e.a.dpool 2 to meet the aspirations of making a D.e.a.dpool movie with an age rating for audiences from 13 years old. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds insisted on it and we have two Deadpool movies at a higher rating.


Although the film maintains the right spirit of entertainment, it is nothing compared to a Deadpool 2 that has enough capacity to satisfy the audience.

9. X-Men: The Last Stand

The Trilogy X-Men movie of the last decade ended with Jean Gray's insanity when she lost control of her powers, deciding to join Magneto's Brotherhood and oppose humanity.


The movie has brought many amazing actions to please the fans of this brand and even brought many valuable moments of these early characters.

8. The Wolverine

Wolverine's second film directed by James Mangold brought Hugh Jackman's character to Japan, plunging into an organization's d.i.r.t.y plot.


The final action scene was not as expected but tat least, The Wolverine is also one of the superhero movies trying to stick to the comic and still have elements of entertainment for mass audiences.