On August 9, Sam Kim’s agency Antenna revealed, “Sam Kim participated in the production of Park Bo Gum’s fan song ‘All My Love’ which is set to release before the actor joins the military.”


The agency also added that Sam Kim has been receiving love calls from musicians inviting him for featuring and composing collaborations.

It was also revealed that the collaboration was initiated by Park Bo Gum who is said to be a fan of Sam Kim. In particular, the song ‘All My Love’ was chosen by Sam Kim and Park Bo Gum together while listening to it’s demo and it is finally completed after a year of their first meeting in spring 2019.

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Sam Kim participated in the production of ‘All My Love’ through composition, arrangement, chorus as well as writing the lyrics to the English version of this song.


Park Bo Gum’s fan song ‘All My Love’ will be released on major music platforms on August 10 – his debut date.