DAY6 Sungjin Announces Surprise Enlistment In Military On March 8

DAY6 Sungjin Announces Surprise Enlistment In Military On March 8

Sungjin, a member of boy band DAY6, announced the news that he was joining the military on March 8 without prior notice.

On March 8, Sungjin did a live broadcast on DAY6's V Live channel when he was the way to a training center in real time and reported the news of his enlistment in the military.

In the live broadcast on this day, Sungjin said, "I still can't believe it," and added, "I think it will be a break for me because I'm tired and my heart is tired." He also shared that he planned this a month ago, and asked JYP and everyone to keep it a secret.

"I'm going to continue my DAY6 activities after going to the military," Sungjin said. "I was able to make this decision because I trust both my fans and members." The band leader then revealed that DAY6's new album is completed, but he didn't know when it would be released.

"The album is being prepared and the timing is undecided," a JYP official said about Sungjin's military enlistment ahead of the band's comeback.

Earlier in May last year, Sungjin briefly suspended his activities with DAY6, complaining of psychological anxiety. Amid expectations for a "complete" comeback involving Sungjin, who had halted his activities, the news of his surprise enlistment in the military is shocking to fans.

Below is the full official position of DAY6's agency JYP Entertainment.

"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
We want to tell you, MY DAY, who have always supported DAY6, about member Sungjin's enlistment.
As a citizen of the Republic of Korea, Sungjin officially enlisted on March 8, 2021 to fulfill his military service.
We did not announced his official schedule to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, while also respecting Sungjin's decision to quietly enlist in the army.
We want My Day to sympathize with this sudden announcement, as Sungjin said that he would like to send this news to you directly.
In the future, we promise to do our best to ensure the absolute health and safety of Sungjin and DAY6 members.
We hope My Day will always give your unwavering support to Sungjin, who will soon return healthily after being discharged."