Actor Park Bo Gum will secretly enlist in the military.

On August 24, through the official fan cafe, the management company Blossom Entertainment said, “The location and time related to Park Bo Gum’s enlistment will not be revealed. He will enlist in silence without any special procedures. “


The management company said: “Right now, this is a necessary time to keep the social distance due to COVID-19 and take care of everyone’s health. We hope you will not go to the enlistment scene. Hope you guys will support and cheer for the actors in the future. Once again, please help the actor to not have to walk. Hope that the fans will actively cooperate to ensure safety.”

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Park Bo Gum will enlist on the 31st as a cultural promoter of the naval presidential squad. Not only acting but also showing exceptional talent in singing, piano, and dancing, so it is expected that he will work as a sailor rather than an actor. During the online production press conference of new drama ‘Record Of Youth‘ (tvN, script Ha Myung Hee, director Ahn Gil Ho) after finishing filming, he is expected to reveal the mood on the threshold of enlistment. However, the event was canceled due to concerns about the consequences of COVID-19 spread.

On August 23, Park Bo Gum finished all the filming for ‘Record Of Youth’ and is preparing to calmly enlist. Even after enlistment, drama like ‘Record Of Youth’ will be announced, movies ‘Xu Fu‘ (director Lee Yong Ju) and ‘Wonder Land‘ (directed by Kim Tae Yong) will be premiered, promising to continue to see his look in the future.