With this expressive achievement, BLACKPINK officially becomes the first K-Pop group to reach 50 million subscribers for their Youtube channel. Congratulations, BLACKPINK!


The Custom Play Button is a creator award given to YouTubers for reaching 50 million subscribers. It has no definite shape or color and as the name suggests, is custom-made with the channel’s logo (according to Wikipedia)

Within just a short period of 3 months from June to now, BLACKPINK’s channel made an incredible jump with 15 million subs.


Besides being the 1st K-Pop group to receive the Custom Play Button of Youtube, they’re also claimed as the 1st Korean artist and 2nd artist, just after Justin Bieber to do this.


This event also marks the fact that BLACKPINK has surpassed Ed Sheeran or Marshmello – the world’s music’s “big names” in the list of most-watched YouTube channels.

Not only on the Youtube platform, but the girl group also makes some fantastic numbers on Instagram when their account Blackpink official has 29.8 followers, but that is also just a small figure comparing with each member’s account.

Lisa – the group’s main dancer has the most followers with 40M followers when Jennie has recently reached 33.2M. Next is Rosé with an impressive number of 30 million and Jisoo has 29.3 million followers.


Recently, the YG girl group has also made many new records for their latest album “THE ALBUM” to released this October 2nd. This is their first full-length album since debut so it is a long-awaiting product with high expectations from not only Korean fans but worldwide Blinks.


As reaching the high hopes, all 8 songs of the album receive such compliments for the production and unique styles. Besides, the lyrics and message delivered are also the real thoughts that every member want to speak, answers to haters’ criticism and their words of confidence.

Check out the title track “Lovesick Girls” below!

BLACKPINK is believed to follow the Western music sounds with the work from US-UK famous producers and musicians like David Guetta, Ryan Tedder along with YG’s talented musicians like Teddy, R.TEE, Vince.

With just debuting for 4 years and having received such a “huge” achievement, BLACKPINK has broken many records and made many other artists “jealous”. This achievement will definitely become an energetic boost for the YG girls, especially right after the great successes this year.

Again, congratulations to the group!