BLACKPINK is said to have set a new record for the Kpop girl group with their first full album ‘The Album’.

On October 2, YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK’s full debut album ‘THE ALBUM’ has passed the 1 million pre-order milestones. This is the highest pre-order number ever recorded for a Kpop girl group. If this number is confirmed, BLACKPINK will officially become the first Kpop girl group to have pre-order sales surpassing 1 million copies.


Pre-order sales is the concept of the amount of reserved album produced before the official release date of the album. This pre-order number is the estimated demand given based on a variety of factors, and of course includes the number of albums fans have quickly pre-ordered.


In the case of BLACKPINK, the ‘THE ALBUM’ pre-order quantity is a composite number from around the world. At the time of publication, it was reported that the total number of domestic (South Korean) orders was 670,000 copies, while the US and Europe accounted for 340,000 copies. (Note: Except for American and European fans, fans in other countries all order through group order in Korea, so they will be included in the application in Korea).


In addition, as many as 18,888 limited edition vinyl (LP) versions of ‘THE ALBUM’ were sold out. After adding all the above numbers, the sales of the albums in stock under the pre-order of BLACKPINK has reached over 1 million copies. It is expected that total sales will eventually increase even more after the physical version of ‘THE ALBUM’ is officially released.


Currently, many fans and netizens are congratulating BLACKPINK on this achievement. Previously, due to some shortcomings in the process of releasing albums from YG, 4 girls were often left behind in the race of ‘album sales’ among Kpop girl groups.

However, it is possible that things will completely change with just this first full album of the group. If the group can sell out 1 million copies and more (ie the pre-order album is confirmed to the buyers), they will continue to set a new record and become the Korean girl group with the million copies. 2 of kimchi country after The Pearl Sisters.

Check the MV below!