BLACKPINK Rosé – the main vocal of YG girl group is not only known for her angelic singing voice along with her multi-talent to play musical instruments, Rose also get high praised for her gorgeous beauty just like a princess. Especially, her event look is even more fascinating that seem to steal anyone’s heart.

Let’s take a look on this list and get ready to be admired by her outlook.


Rosé went to this YSL event in this black leather dress and that image was an unforgettable moments for both the music and fashion world. The artist has fair skin which seems to be emphasized more when she wears black outfits. She mixed with classic black strapped high heels which even directs her beauty more.


Blue is never a safe color to wear, one step could fall deeper than you think, but Rose definitely nailed it! She went for a perfect color combo with blue and nude shades, as she mixed her dress with a nude handbag and shoes.


If this dress is on anyone else, it could totally turn into a cape but for Rose with a perfect proportions, it looks nothing more than a beautiful dress with unique design.


The short dress helped her to showcase her long and gorgeous legs as well.


Another proof that she just look so perfect in blue! Rose donned a long chiffon blue dress with pearl necklace, with a small bag and strapped high heels.


Sometimes, the classic vibe is simply best for event, which should have been what Rose thought when she wore this outfit. As usual, she was beautiful in brown and comfy clothes.


Leather dress is risky but if you could wear it, that would be an all-kill step, and of course the idol with nickname as Chipmunk once again looked breathtaking when appearing in a black leather dress on the red carpet.


Back to the old days when her style was more on the wild, chic side. She wore this outfit with fun print skirt mixed with black sheer shirt. The other item which caught attention was her high-boots!


She was not only elegant but so fancy and luxurious in this black-silver fit. The details at her shoulders made her more feminist when the silver belt really highlight her tiny waist.


The more dress she wears, the more admirable Blinks will be towards her, and this look wasn’t an exception.


Fun look but charming at the same time is what we could see when looking at this event look of Rose, in this floral dress and leather corset.


Again, this dress suited her so well but if there’s one thing to change, she could have looked more outstanding if this look go with blonde hair.


When does an furry orange shirt mix with short skirt look this good? It’s only because Rose was wearing it.


More and more floral on Rose please! Why? Just look at this superior vibe of her!

Which outfit is your favorite?