5 Marvel movies that could be creepy horror movies

5 Marvel movies that could be creepy horror movies

"The New Mutants" shows superhero movies that can be mixed with horror elements, which is considered as a direction to be consistent with some Marvel Comics stories when it comes to the screen.

Let's check out which are those stories with the horror vibe and are the potential to leave the audience in a heart attack.

Moon Knight - Werewolf by Night

In the summer of 2019, Marvel Studios announced plans to produce the Moon Knight series for Disney +. Moon Knight belongs to the series of characters with the horror style of Marvel Comics. The character made his debut in 1975 in Werewolf by Night.


Moon Knight's real identity is Marc Spector - a former heavyweight boxer who served before becoming a CIA employee, and eventually dedicating himself to an ancient Egyptian god. Spector suffers from a personality disorder and secularity torn apart by different people.


Spector's supernatural power combined with Spector's psychological illness is the right material for a horror film.

Nightcrawler in The Devil Inside

Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler is a blue mutant with teleportation. Has appeared in films in Fox's X-Men series, but his role is relatively limited in length.


In the series The Devil Inside released from 2004 to 2012, Nightcrawler frequently connects with supernatural forces while investigating a mysterious energy source that harms children. He had seen demons residing in hospitals, as well as ghosts in subway trains, when the real world and the psychic world met.


Immortal Hulk

Fans of Mark Ruffalo's version of Hulk still hope the character can continue his journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the studio wants to make its own Hulk movie, Immortal Hulk - the series coming out in 2018 - will be a potential choice.


The story begins when Bruce Banner and Hulk go through so many deaths and come back to life, causing the character named Devil Hulk to gradually become the one who took control of Banner's body. Devil Hulk is the most powerful version of the Blue Giant.


The comic contains many typical elements of the body horror series when the conflict between the characters in the Hulk constantly haunts Bruce Banner.

Blade and The Curse of the Mutants

Blade vampire hunter is no stranger to the superhero movie series. The battle against vampires in Blade gives Marvel Studios many expensive materials to build a movie in the direction of horror. In it, the brightest candidate is the plot Curse of the Mutants.


In the beginning of the series, many famous mutants fell victim to an experiment that turned ordinary humans into vampires by Xarus - Dracula's son - performed. Xarus is an enemy that has been defeated by Blade. The remaining mutants have come to Blade, asking the vampire hunter to help them stop the villain's bloody plan.

Marvel Zombies

Comic series released in the period 2005-2006 took place in a parallel world where the superheroes audiences once loved were infected with a deadly virus and turned into a zombie.