WandaVision Predicted The Future Of Marvel

WandaVision Predicted The Future Of Marvel
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A mysterious and extremely shady character appearing briefly in WandaVision can completely represent a series of terrible disasters preparing to hit the Marvel universe.

Having just released the first 2 episodes, Marvel's blockbuster WandaVision series has quickly created a fever in the superhero movie fan community. The film has a humorous, jubilant sitcom style, but it is still cleverly installed with many creepy and mysterious details that make netizens analyze it constantly from morning to night. One of the film's most mysterious details is the man in a protective suit that comes up from a sewer, appearing at the end of episode 2. This man's presence is immediately very suspicious. Many viewers, after watching here, quickly deduced many theories: are these only a few very small scenes "the key" to the great shock of the whole season?

Who is this beekeeper essentially?


In Marvel's massive villain universe, no one is a beekeeper. However, there are still some notable faces. AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is an organization of evil scientists who want to take over the world with technology. This organization in the comics provided the weapon for the "boss" HYDRA, and is known for its super "uniform": protective suits look quite like beekeeping but yellow. Deadpool also mentioned this organization as "beekeepers" in the comics.

In addition, the character's back also has the logo of SWORD - an organization that protects the Earth is watching Wanda and Vision, raising more questions.

How will this evil organization link with WandaVision? Is the "bomb" waiting for the powerful explosion of Marvel era 4?


The first 2 episodes of WandaVision are still filled with all kinds of secrets from baby to big, but certainly with deep involvement of SWORD. Viewers see the SWORD logo at the end of episode 1 and on a toy plane in the color Wanda finds. In the comics, AIM is created by the leader of HYDRA - Baron von Strucker. When HYDRA "rooted" the parasite in SHIELD, AIM also imitated and gradually became a technology dealer, a giant weapon for the government. The name Strucker also appears in the clock in the fake advertisement in episode 2 WandaVision.

In the 4th era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the SHIELD organization is almost destroyed and it is likely that SWORD will be an alternative name. Some comments that AIM is also "parasitic" in SWORD and will soon expand, creating danger not only for WandaVision but also becoming the main villain for the entire Marvel universe. Looking at the "skull octopus" HYDRA who once tortured the Avengers team with more misery than Thanos, perhaps in the future, Marvel's heroes will be even bruised.

This is entirely possible and makes sense, as the producer of WandaVision also pledged that the film will be extremely closely tied to the Marvel cinematic universe. The details in the movie will open up many new characters and villains (especially the multiverse element). What is the reality, surely the audience will have to continue watching WandaVision to be able to discover. WandaVision aired the first 2 episodes. The next episodes will be released every Friday.