DC Vs. Marvel

DC Vs. Marvel
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Both the DC and Marvel universes are concentrating on the race to make a very thrilling TV series, but what are the names that audiences really need to see?

Not only facing each other at the big box office with blockbuster movies, the two superhero universes DC and Marvel also have another fiery battle in the drama market. Over the years, both studios have continuously produced films that exploit the characters from small to large of the "super big" superhero world. However, the fact that too many names appear also makes it difficult for audiences to catch up to follow them all, and choosing a movie to watch also makes others have a headache. So now, are there any television works that are really worth watching to immediately put on the must-enjoy list throughout the Tet holiday season?

One around the DC universe


In general, DC is a brand that invests more strongly in dramas, with diverse names such as The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow ... The minus point of this universe is the series that are sold copyrighted. output and broadcast ... all over many stations, large and small, from showing on television to bringing to streaming. The CW station alone had so many series linked together that it created its own universe called Arrowverse. However, below are the names worth seeing at the moment.

1. The Flash

Series The Flash starring actor Grant Gustin is one of the movies "veteran" of the DC, has gone through 6 seasons and is still going on. When first released, The Flash created a big fever because of its engaging and intelligent content. In addition to the main storyline that spans each season, in each episode, DC's speed superhero will have to face separate villains. This makes the show easy to follow, and even if the audience intends to watch the individual "flap" episodes, they don't feel too confused.

Recently, on the film also appeared superhero Flash movie portrayed by Ezra Miller appeared in a flash - proving that the film is also interested in "the big universe" and has more opportunities to "merge". The downside is that although the first seasons are highly appreciated, the content of the film will become a bit more verbose and less attractive than before.

2. Titans

The Titans series tells the story of a squad of young superheroes that was launched in 2018 and has now produced 2 seasons. With the main characters as "Batman assistant" Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven ... is young, but the film goes in a darker, more horror style. The content for the first 2 seasons is highly appreciated and is also easy to see, with action and violence labeled adult.

Titans were originally produced to network the DC Universe, but when the system crashed, it was moved to HBO Max.

3. Doom Patrol

The same universe and produced with the Titans is the Doom Patrol team - a "similar" version of The Suicide Squad when it comes to gathering superheroes from the margins of society, being rejected by everyone. This series also carries distinct adult colors when using strong language, violent but humorous details. Doom Patrol is currently rated as the best TV drama of DC.

On the Marvel side


The Marvel Universe has a clearer direction than the DC house when every series film is produced will "share the same house" with the beloved movie universe.

However, the drama segment of the film has many controversies. Therefore, movies like Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD ... although highly appreciated for their content, they are also "slammed" and have almost no chance of appearing on the big screen. Until now, Marvel is really trying to produce TV series to broadcast on the Disney + system.

1. Daredevil

Despite stopping for a third season, the Daredevil series from Netflix consistently received high rankings on every fan chart. Not only possessing intriguing crime-psychological content, this work is really outstanding by extremely satisfying action scenes, meticulously designed to bring the best experience to the audience.

Recently, it has been confirmed that the actor Charlie Cox - who plays Daredevil in the TV version has completed the filming process for the blockbuster Spider-Man part 3. This makes fans fidgety because they are excited. , because it is a sign that the "Marvel Universe" from Netflix is ​​on the way to be "merged" and recognized by "the righteous".

2. WandaVision

Right now, WandaVision is the hottest name on all superhero film forums. Even DC fans also pay close attention to this big TV blockbuster from Marvel.

With a mysterious style, bright humor but also creepy features, the first 2 episodes of WandaVision with the appearance of the mighty witch Wanda and the lover Vision (finished by Thanos) received countless praises. . Each frame of the film is also examined and analyzed by audiences, just afraid that missing a small detail could be a sign of the 4th era of the Marvel cinema universe. Not only that, WandaVision with 97% score is also Marvel's highest rated work on Rotten Tomatoes system.

Conclusion: DC once won the television business, but all the attention is on Marvel's super contenders!

The DC Universe has scored many times with fans when bringing quality drama products (which many consider to be much better than DC movies). However, in the long race, this universe is constantly "disoriented" and the number of products too much is difficult to put together in one term, causing fans to panic every time they intend to continue. near. In addition, Marvel has become more and more close to the TV blockbusters since 2021, promising the movie will have a close connection with the cinema, as well as the Marvel stars will appear back and forth on both fronts.

In the future, DC audiences are expecting this universe to do wonders with Titans, Doom Patrol or the latest Peacemaker series starring John Cena, directed by James Gunn. In parallel with this, Marvel is having a series of long-term TV projects that are not over, typically The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye ... Looking at the current situation, Marvel is really sure of winning.