To be ready for his new act, Mark Ruffalo has to follow an extreme diet with a min amount of 1000 calories per day. He even forced himself to take on a “500 pushups daily” challenge.


Mark Ruffalo, 52-year-old is going to back again ion screen for both identical twin brothers, Dominick Birdsley in the new HBO series called, “I Know This Much Is True”. The role requires him to get under an extreme diet to lose a huge amount of his present weight for each brother.


The series based on a novel of the same name by Wally Lamb. Major plots started when Dominick takes care of his twin brother, Thomas, who suffers schizophrenia. Dominick’s natural whole look is described as the “neurotypical brother”, Mark took on a 1000 calorie-per-day diet to lose 20 pounds. Derek Cianfrance, the series writer and director revealed in an interview: “I guess you could say he was always a little bit hangry. He was eating an egg white for breakfast and just starving. And he couldn’t eat for another 3 hours, and all he could eat then was a granola bar that had 120 calories or something, because he was on this strict diet,”

Watch the series trailer below.

The character’s described as a man who was just aggressive and wiry, so the diet was necessary for Mark. According to him, food wasn’t the only factor that influenced his life. Mark had to take a daily challenge of doing 50 pushups in order to view the character as a cigarette smoker who always seems out of breath.

The Avengers star added, “The twinning, I knew was going to be a challenge and playing someone that mentally ill and that sick was going to be a challenge,”

Fortunately, Mark is in a healthy shape right now, as seen in a photo taken backstage at The Graham Norton Show that he shared.