Have you ever wondered how Taylor Swift writes her masterpiece too fast with fully related lyrics and emotional melodies? Well, shocking info was revealed as she used her own phone to write lyrics and sent to her producers by SMS texts.


Recently, Taylor Swift unexpectedly dropped her 8th album on July 24, “Folklore” without any official information. The album quickly gained such huge attention from the music industry as well as her long-waiting fans.

The Look What You Made Me Do singer took to Twitter and revealed that the 3-month length of quarantine was an ideal time for her to stay focus and work on a new project. And bang! “Folklore” was out.


While Taylor still remains to keep silent and deny any interview invitations, her manager Aaron Dessner, who participated in producing 11 on 16 songs, has given out some interesting hints about the process for Folklore to be composed.


Specifically, he said that they completed the preparation for the album through recorded tapes on the phone he received from the female singers.


Aaron Dessner posted a screenshot from his text from Taylor Swift on Twitter, during their discussion of the single “Cardigan”.

Fans are amazed by such a simple way of Taylor made their favorite song. Especially, the first message that Aaron received was at 9 PM and at 2AM, she sent the full lyrics of the song. This didn’t only surprise Aaron but also fans because of the lighting speed of Taylor Swift to write Cardigan.


Besides, Taylor also composes other songs real quick like a blink of an eye. After finishing “The 1”, the female singer-composer continued working on the song “Hoax” just few hours later and kept sending them in the middle of the night.