Taylor Swift Causes Controversy Around Her #1 Billboard 100

Taylor Swift Causes Controversy Around Her #1 Billboard 100
Source: Taylor-Swift-Causes-Controversy-Around-Her-#1-Billboard-100

With willow debut at the Billboard Hot 100 this week, Taylor Swift continues to thicken the list of her long records.

As expected, after a week of release, Taylor Swift's willow song officially debuted at the Billboard Hot 100 chart, temporarily pushing "Christmas Queen" Mariah Carey with All I Want For Christmas Is You dropped to second place. Continuing to be a song that was announced only 12 hours in advance, it is clear that Taylor Swift's appeal in the US market has never declined. During the past week, willow sold 59,000 digital sales (# 1 Digital Song Sales), collected a total of 30 million streams on all platforms (# 4 Streaming Songs), radio play index reached 12 , 3 million. However, the way that Taylor Swift achieved # 1 Billboard Hot 100 this week has faced many mixed opinions when there are signs of "breaking the law" as BTS himself did and created controversy?


Previously, with BTS's Dynamite # 1 Billboard Hot 100, the Big Hit boygroup faced a lot of controversy when the company reduced the single price to only half of the normal price. The single price reduction has increased the number of songs purchased, helping BTS's Digital Sales index always stay at # 1, dominating the remaining indexes. Besides, a series of remixes of Dynamite were released consecutively to help the song increase the streaming index. This work of the management company completely does not violate the current law of Billboard, but makes many viewers laugh and evaluate it as # 1 "use money to buy". And with the latest album, it seems that Taylor Swift itself has made a similar move.

Specifically, on Taylor Swift's webstore, there are 7 versions of the song willow on sale with prices reduced to only $ 0.48 - $ 1.03, promoting strong fan consumption because now with the same number. money, they can buy more willow singles to support their idols. Three dancing witch remixes (Elvira remix), lonely witch and moonlight witch were also released this week to increase both streaming and sales. The willow is even sold with a special version called Woodvale Collection that includes the original song, three remixes, an instrumental version of the willow, a demo of the willow, and a live version of the Christmas song released. 2019 by Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm. For every two versions of Woodvale Collection sold, it will be counted as 1 sales unit calculated on the overall performance.

Although it was a 12-hour surprise release, the promotion and release are clearly not "unexpected" at all, and well thought out. Of course, if it was Taylor Swift to make the above moves, the audience would not care, but BTS should be criticized and examined quite a lot. Temporarily leaving the way that Taylor Swift achieved # 1 this week, willow also brings a series of impressive achievements for the female singer. Accordingly, willow is the 7th song in Taylor Swift's career to reach the Billboard Hot 100 and is the second song if only in 2020.

Besides, Taylor Swift is the first artist in history to have both the album and debut song # 1 on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100 charts when both the evermore album and the song willow debut # 1 one day apart. in the same week of grading. Before that, Taylor Swift was also the first person in history to achieve this feat with the folklore album and the cardigan song. The album evermore ranked # 1 on the Billboard 200 to help Taylor Swift bring back a basket of achievements, but when looking at sales, she must sigh
Willow also helps Taylor Swift appear in the list of 6 only artists in history with 3 debut songs # 1 Billboard Hot 100. In addition to Taylor Swift, this list includes Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Drake and Travis Scott.

In addition, all 15 songs on the evermore album simultaneously debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, despite the arrival of a series of Christmas songs at the time of the upcoming holiday. The track with the highest position on evermore's album is willow (# 1), and the lowest is closure (# 78).