Recently, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith have together reunited in a new song which makes go crazy about.


Nearly 10 years ago, Justin Bieber worked with Jaden Smith in the song called “Never Say Never”. This song immediately created a huge wave with inspired lyrics and a catchy melody.

Specifically on August 28, new album of Jaden Smith named “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol.3” has released. Fans were surprised to find out the the singer had invited Justin Bieber for his song named “Falling For You”.

Placed at the second song in the album, “Falling For You” is a pop-ballad song, which is far different from the rest of the Hiphop/Rap songs in the album.

Especially, what makes the song “Falling For You” significant is that it has the old-school tune once were in Justin and Jaden’s songs.Hope fans will love this sweet song of the best friend – artists duo.