K-pop Songs That Made it to Instiz Chart Ranking for October

K-pop Songs That Made it to Instiz Chart Ranking for October

Check out to see which artists made it into the Instiz Chart Singles Ranking for the final week of October.

The Instiz chart integrates the astounding variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank weekly music sales. It is also what the fans are using to discover if their favorite artist made it to the ranks.

Without further ado, check out IU, BTS, aespa, and more artists below who made it to Instiz Chart Singles Ranking for the final week of October!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. IU - 'Strawberry Moon' (24,069 Points)

IU's "Strawberry Moon" was released last October 18, 2021. It now has 12,875,286 views on YouTube.

2. aespa - 'Savage' (22,013 Points)

aespa's track "Savage'' was released last October 5, 2021. Now, it has 102,657,129 views on their official YouTube channel.

3. thekidlaroi x Justin Bieber - 'Stay' (14,009 Points)

The song "Stay" by thekidlaroi and Justin Bieber is now trending in different social media platforms. It premiered on YouTube last July 9, 2021.

As of now, it has 287,544,121 views on YouTube.

4. Lee Moo Jin - 'Traffic Light' (9,555 Points)

Lee Moo Jin's "Traffic Light," which was released on YouTube last May 14, 2021, now has 6,114,972 views and it is fourth in the list.

5. Coldplay x BTS - 'My Universe' (8,410 Points)

"My Universe" is a collaboration song by BTS and Coldplay. It was released last September 30, and now it amassed 85,671,042 views on YouTube.

6. AKMU ft. IU - 'Nakka' (7,514 Points)

AKMU's collaboration song with IU "Nakka" has 11,489 views on YouTube and it was released last July 26, 2021.

7. aespa - 'Next Level' (7,348 Points)

Aespa gets another rank in this list with their song "Next Level." The single was released last May 17, 2021 and it now has 168,931,218 views on YouTube.

8. D-Hack, PATEKO - 'OHAYO MY NIGHT' (6,732 Points)

Number eight in the list is D-Hack and PATEKO's "OHAYO MY NIGHT" was released last year on June 22. Now it has a total number of 2,272,068 views on YouTube.

9. Jeon Gunho x Gyeonseo Yeji - 'If You Lovingly Call My Name' (6,516 Points)

"If You Lovingly Call My Name" is a collaboration song by Jeon Gunho and Gyeonseo Yeji. It premiered on YouTube last May 19, 2021 and it has now achieved 2,247,781 views on YouTube.

10. MSG Wannabe - 'Foolish Love' (6,065 Points)

On the 10th spot of the ranking list is MSG Wannabe's "Foolish Love" was released last July 3, 2021 and now has 7,291,805 views on YouTube.

Does your favorite artist make it to the ranks?

Source: kpopstarz