Many famous music stars have shared that they were bullied while sitting in school. Some may take advantage of those times as leverage to do music but for most of them, those were not good memories to be looking at.

Shawn Mendes

In 2019, Shawn Mendes shared about the teasing time he went through when posting his singing videos on YouTube. The male artist was in 9th grade and a group of older people in the school teased him: “They shouted ” sing to us Shawn Mendes” in a way that made me feel horrible. … Like I was a joke, and what I was doing at the time was stupid and wrong.”


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an independent female artist with a strong personality and amazing talent that no one could deny. However, the Mother Monster’s childhood was not pleasant at all.


She once shared with Rolling Stone about her sad memories when she was in school: “I am often teased for my ugly appearance, especially having a big nose. I was harassed a lot, it made me very hurt, I don’t even want to go to school anymore. And she showed confidence because of her oversized nose when filming “A Star Is Born”.”


Eminem is one of the most powerful rappers in the world music industry for a long time. He had an unpleasant childhood and encountered many obstacles before reaching success as the present.


During his high school time, Eminem was often arrested and beaten by his friends. “I was beaten in the bathroom, in the hallway, pushed into a locker,” he said on 60 Minutes. “Mostly because I’m a newbie.” The blonde boy from Detroit has used rap as a way to release his anger and resentment.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is now one of the biggest music stars but she was also bullied by her classmates. However, she is probably the most excited person when old friends are now trying to contact her to get a photo for a signature.


“The experience of being bullied is sweet and bitter. After all, I understand that they don’t even remember a time when they treated me badly. Then, after many years of meeting, everyone was happy, loved each other and forgot all the little things of the past. I think I need to forget those unpleasant memories,” recalled Taytay.