Eminem, 47, is sorry for bad-mouthing REVOLT TV – a music cable network operated by Sean “Diddy” Combs and Joe Budden, a rapper/podcast host. After REVOLT TV denounced the dubious lyrics of Eminem that have been leaked lately in an unauthorized version of Conway The Machine’s 2019 hit, “Bang,” Eminem did not attempt to protect himself.


“I agree with Revolt…this is an unnecessary distraction. I never meant for that verse to be heard, I was heated in the moment and thought better of it and decided to pull it back,” a statement that the rapper shared to Twitter on June 24.

Eminem believed the leak that happened in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests was beyond his influence (REVOLT TV had previously shared its doubts over whether the lyrics were “leaked.”).


“Stuff that I never intended to release continues to leak from the huge WeTransfer hack. I don’t have any issues with Revolt…I’d actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive things and turn this in a different direction,” Eminem expressed his thoughts.

In the leaked lyrics Eminem came after Diddy ‘s owned Black radio firm: “Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but f–k REVOLT/Y’all are like a f–ked up remote/Now I get it why our button’s broke, cause you pressing the heat but do nothing though, especially when it comes to punch this throne.”

Eminem seemed to take a dig on Joe in another paragraph. The “Lose Yourself” rapper referenced the time when Joe, who co-hosted interviews at the 2017 BET awards for Everyday Struggle, dropped his mic and literally walked away from an awkward Migos interview.


“Wasted tissue, tell this journalist stick to the stuff he know, like always running, from Migos,” Eminem rapped. A comfortable review, given that Joe is now a co-host on State of the Society with Diddy, a late night talk show on REVOLT TV.

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“Why does Eminem, someone who is a guest in Black culture, think he can talk down to REVOLT. REVOLT is a BLACK media company, owned by a Black entrepreneur, with a majority Black team – that is authentic and real about this,” REVOLT TV wrote in a statement.

The company further explained why Eminem’s words irritated the whole issue, “What Em’s ‘mess’ could’ve done – is it could’ve harmed our business. Fortunately, it was a minor social media distraction, but the potential implications should not be OK,”

“We’re busy using our energies, efforts and platforms as a Catalyst for Change. The real question is what is Eminem doing – other than being a distraction. If the diss was intended for Joe Budden why include REVOLT? REVOLT has supported both artists throughout their careers – and has zero to do with their beef with each other. And how did this verse supposedly and allegedly get ‘leaked’ anyway.”