Happy 22nd Birthday, Shawn Mendes. Let’s wish him all the happiest and finest things on this day. To any newbie around, these 11 facts about the talented singer will be the guidelines for you.


Shawn’s real name

Shawn Mendes is actually his real name, but shorter. He was named as Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, born in August 8, 1998. His mother is from England while his father has Portuguese heritage.


Canadian gang

Seems like there’s truly a thing called Canadian gang with a list of handsome and talented singers who came from Canada. Shawn is one of them. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Another song-cover singer gained their worthy success when Shawn Mendes rose like a lightning star overnight through six-second Vine videos of himself singing other artists’ famous songs.


Just like any other kids who dream to do magic, Shawn used to think he was a wizard since the singer is a huge fan of Harry Potter. A Gryffindor wizard maybe is still what he wants to be, if there is any possibility.


His flawless skin face doesn’t need any nutrition from tomatoes since he hates that red-colored fruit. Shawn didn’t give out any explain for his phobia but just keep in mind, tomatoes and Shawn Mendes will never come across each other.



Shawn Mendes once was rumored to hate ladybugs, which he later clarified that was totally misunderstood.

Guitar skills

He taught himself how to play guitar at 13 years old by watching Youtube videos and practicing everyday.


Boom Beach

Shawn’s favorite game is Boom Beach. He enjoys it so much that he has to play it every night before going to bed.


Believe it or not, the “Stitches” singer has lost his wallet 10 times. He has also cracked his phone screen more than five times.

TIME and Forbes

The Canadian singer has been recognized by reputation magazines, TIME and Forbes as influential. He was ranked as 25th on TIME’s 25 Most Influential Teens list and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 (Music) list.

Ed Sheeran

With quite a lot of things in common, it is unsurprising that his biggest influence in the music industry is Ed Sheeran. After watching some of Shawn’s videos, Ed quickly felt the vibe and even flew him out to Los Angeles for dinner! What a dream!