Besides, Taylor Swift has also set up a lot of new achievements after “folklore” debuted at the Billboard 200 Champion.

Unexpectedly, Taylor Swift’s “folklore” album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Chart 200 this week, far ahead of competitors to become the artist with the highest weekly album sales in 2020. Specifically, in the first week, “folklore” has sold a total of 864 thousand units including 615,000 net albums (both physical and electronic versions), 218,000 SEA points (streaming entire album) converted from 289.95 million streams and 13,000 TEA points (1 point is equal to 10 songs sold separately from the album “folklore”).


With this brand new achievement, Taylor Swift has pushed countless records, large and small, bringing the singer achievements that are hard to match. It is even more impressive when “folklore” not only reached a huge sales, but also received countless compliments from music sites with high scores. “folklore” is the 7th consecutive album # 1 in Taylor Swift’s career, making her the artist with the third # 1 album in history, only behind Barbra Streisand (11 albums) and Madonna (9 albums). ). The Beatles still holds the highest record with a total of 19 albums reaching number one.

“folklore” also helped Taylor Swift become the female artist with the most debut albums at the Billboard 200 Champion ever. Previously, this achievement was co-held by the singer along with Madonna, Britney Spears, BeyoncĂ©, Lady Gaga (6 albums each). In the past 3 years, the top 3 albums in the first week of each year belong to Taylor Swift, respectively: “folklore” (2020) – 846 thousand copies, “Lover” (2019) – 867 thousand version, “Reputation” (2017) – 1,238 million copies. Taylor Swift is the first artist in the history to have 7 albums to reach at least 500 thousand net copies in a week, surpassing the previous record that she and Eminem co-held (6 albums).


In terms of streaming, “folklore” is the highest streaming album in 2020 by a female artist, bringing in 289.95 million streams in the first week. This is also the achievement of the second highest female artist ever, just behind Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” (307.7 million streams in 2019). Overall, in 2020, the streaming of “folklore” ranked No. 3, still losing albums from 2 male rappers Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert but still ranked first in the pop segment.

Despite bringing a series of achievements and records for Taylor Swift, this album is the lowest weekly sales album in Taylor Swift’s past 10 years. However, with an album released only 12 hours after the announcement, without any promotional performances due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the US, 864 thousand units were sold during the week. The head is still an achievement far beyond our imagination. In this era, after Taylor Swift, only Adele can bring about the same number.


  • folklore (2020) – 846 thousand copies
  • Lover (2019) – 867 thousand copies
  • Reputation (2017) – 1,238 million copies
  • 1989 (2014) – 1,287 million copies
  • Red (2012) – 1,208 million copies
  • Speak Now (2010) – 1,047 million copies

Tomorrow, the song “cardigan” will also have its official position on the Billboard Hot 100. A lot of experts predict that the song that paved the way for the album “folklore” will debut at the No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 this week, Let’s wait and see if Taylor Swift will continue to extend her winning streak with this “era”?