Ko Hojung from boy group HOTSHOT has joined the army today. The surprise notice was made by his agency Star Crew Entertainment.


Star Crew Entertainment released a statement on their official fan cafe on May 26 about the idol’s enlistment.

Below is the full text of Star Crew’s official announcement:

“Hello, this is Star Crew.
Ko Hojung, the youngest member of HOTSHOT, will join the army on May 26, 2020.
After spending time with his family and acquaintances, Hojung calmly decided to enlist in the army, so he joined the army today without prior notice.
Since COVID-19 makes it impossible to bring everyone together, we ask for your understanding and sympathy as the official event has not been held.
Please give your warm support to Hojung, our artist who will fulfill his military duty, to mature, and grow up.”

The star made his debut as a member of boy group HOTSHOT in 2014 and worked in the project group UNB in 2018.