This Is How BLACKPINK Lisa Slays Everyone In Her New Fashion Film For ELLE Korea

This Is How BLACKPINK Lisa Slays Everyone In Her New Fashion Film For ELLE Korea

“Everyone agrees that Lisa is totally a girl crush.”

BLACKPINK Lisa proves her prowess as a model in a new fashion film with ELLE Korea.

The video showcases her casual yet cool street style vibe in a variety of outfits. Her aura is just on another level of swagness.

Close-up shots capture the aesthetic details of her baggy jeans, trendy small purse, comfy dresses, and graphic sports bra…

…and of course, there are quite a few zoom-ins on the effortless beauty radiating from her chic expressions. We can all agree that her gorgeous eyes magically manipulate everyone but they are so etheral that no one can take their eyes off her.

As one fan commented, “Supermodels should be thankful that Lisa chose the music industry.”

If one thing is certain, it’s that Lisa can do anything!

Watch Lisa in the fashion film with ELLE Korea below.

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How Much Does It Cost To Look Like BLACKPINK Lisa as Mentor In

“Youth With You 3”?

BLACKPINK Lisa looks gorgeous in everything she wears! Her casual style is emphasized in every episode of iQIYI‘s Youth With You 3 where she appears as a dance mentor. If you’ve ever wanted to know what brands she’s wearing and how much they cost, check them out below!

1. Denim

Denim is a fabric Lisa needs to wear more often! She looked just like a model in an Alexander McQueen “Denim Mini Dress” or “Asymmetric Denim Midi Dress” that runs between $1,613 USD to $2,850 USD.

We can’t take our eyes off her!

2. White

A simple crop top shirt is enough for Lisa to blow us all away with her beauty. She wore Alaïa‘s “Broderie Anglaise Shirt” over a black top, leaving her comfortable enough to teach the trainees.

It costs an eye-watering $1,730 USD, and she looked like she was born to wear it!

3. Sweater

For a change of pace, Lisa wore Miu Miu‘s “Lambswool Sweater” which gave her a more homey look. Don’t let its cute cat design fool you, as it’s being sold for an astonishing €890 EUR or around $1,000 USD!

She paired it with bottoms from the same brand, this time its “Denim Pants.” You can buy it for €590 EUR or around $700 USD.

She’s a fashionable cat mama!

4. Practice Clothes

Finally, Lisa’s version of “We Rock!”, the theme song of Youth With You 3, was something fans looked forward to. She didn’t disappoint at all in both her moves and her beauty, wearing an eye-catching top from GUIZIO called “Rib Knit Geo Cut-Out Cardigan.” If you’re interested in purchasing it, it will set you back $258 USD.

To maximize her comfort, she wore Yeezy‘s “Yeezy 500 ‘Blush'” that retails for almost as much as the shirt at $200 USD.

Lisa can make every outfit runway-ready! When it comes to fashion, Lisa is a style icon!

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How Much Does It Cost To Look Like BLACKPINK Rosé In These Dresses?

Some of BLACKPINK Rosé‘s best looks are when she wears dresses and gowns. Her elegance is always off the charts! No matter if it’s photoshoots, advertisements, or Instagram updates, she always makes jaws drop.

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1. In a short pink dress

First up, who can deny that Rosé looks even prettier than usual in salmon pink? Her Alessandra Rich “Moire Jacquard Mini Dress” retails for an eye-watering $1,485 USD!

She also wore Tiffany & Co‘s “Elsa Peretti Teardrop Pendant” which costs almost as much as the dress at $1,250 USD.

2. In a classic black dress

One of Rosé’s simplest but most memorable outfits was her Saint Laurent “Sleeveless Satin Slip Dress” in 2020 BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary (In Seoul). The $1,990 USD dress fit her body perfectly and made her appear even more majestic!

There's no wonder why she's chosen to be the global ambassador for Saint Laurent.

3. In a cute casual dress

This next look was one of the cutest dresses that Rosé showed off on her Instagram account. Its black and white motif gave it a hint of classiness and sweetness at the same time.

It was another Saint Laurent piece, this time the “Scarf-collar Dress in Sable Printed with Polka Dots.” If you’re interested in purchasing it, it’ll set you back $2,290 USD!

4. Shines bright like a diamond

Next up, she was definitely eye-catching in Maje Paris‘ “Short Sequin Dress” that she wore in an interview for Tokopedia. The puffed-sleeved dress can be bought for $490 USD.

She looks dreamy like a sky full of sparkling stars with that light pink hair.

5. In an avant-garde dress

Finally, one of Rosé’s most experimental looks was her “Latex Midi Wrap Dress” from Saint Laurent. It’s the most expensive item on this list at an astounding $4,290 USD.

She proved she can kill it even with darker concepts! Elegant or cute, Rosé looks stunning in all fashion styles!

Which is your favorite look of Rosé?

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