BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Shocking Details Behind Her Petite Physique

BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals Shocking Details Behind Her Petite Physique

BLACKPINK Lisa is, without a doubt, the most popular female K-pop star online. Besides her rapping skills and mind-blowing dance moves, the songstress is also recognized for her fit body.

So, what did Lisa do to achieve her incredibly thin body despite her fondness for food? Keep on reading to learn more about this BLACKPINK member.

BLACKPINK Lisa' Workout Routine Revealed

The co-member of Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, previously, revealed that she does not like diets and seldomly hits the gym. However, since she loves to eat, BLACKPINK member Lisa sees to it that she also reciprocates her food intake with a proper workout.

Lisa revealed that she does Pilates to help her improve flexibility, core, endurance, and muscular strength. The BLACKPINK member also divulged that she is so active on a daily basis due to their mandatory two-hour practice, which is why she does not really need to focus on dieting.

In a "Youth with You" episode, Lisa revealed that she would practice more than 12 to 15 hours a day when she was still a trainee. Though the BLACKPINK member admitted that it was so hard for her at the time, it was all worth it, especially since she could exercise while enhancing her dancing skills.

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Studies suggested that dancing could help improve the condition of one's lungs and heart. Aside from enhancing muscle tone and strength, it also aids in increasing motor fitness and muscular endurance, which results in better coordination, flexibility, and agility.

Most, if not all, BLINKs are aware that all BLACKPINK members prefer controlled calories over a strict diet. So, instead of eating a huge portion of food twice, Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo divide it into four parts throughout the day.

Aside from her workout routine, BLACKPINK member Lisa backs it up with a healthy diet. Though she and Rosé usually eat the most, it was claimed that Lisa regularly drinks detox juices like Jennie.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Talks About Her Personality

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Lisa revealed her personality during her younger years in an interview with Elle Korea. The "Lovesick Girls" hitmaker, which appears in the upcoming April cover for the famous magazine, told the publication that most of her relatives and longtime pals describe her as a bright and mischievous kid.

Lisa also expressed how important happiness is for her. This, according to the "Ice Cream" singer, is one of the primary reasons why she tries hard not to hide her true self and show her real character to everyone without lies and pretensions.

The BLACKPINK member also shared her thoughts about the group's first-ever virtual concert, titled "The Show," in January. Lisa said that the physical limitations caused by the deadly COVID-19 gave her a very odd feeling.

"There's [the] excitement we feel from meeting fans holding light sticks in person, but we weren't able to do that this time.," BLACKPINK member Lisa told the publication. Despite all the challenges they faced while preparing for their online concert, the "Whistle" singer is very much proud and happy that they were able to give a high-quality show to their avid followers, who continue supporting them through thick and thin.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Net Worth 2021: Is Songstress Richer Than Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé?

There is no denying that BLACKPINK Lisa is one of the most famous female K-pop artists today. As a matter of fact, the "Lovesick Girls" singer was able to capitalize her popularity as she became the face of several luxury brands such as MAC, Bulgari, and Celine, among others.

Is it true that Lisa is the BLACKPINK member with the highest net worth? Keep on reading to know more.

BLACKPINK Lisa's Net Worth Revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the "How You Like That" singer has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. Being launched as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 has, undeniably, helped Lisa rack up her earnings.

There have been reports saying that Lisa makes the most money out of the entire group. While Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé each worth around the same amount, this BLACKPINK member earns additional income through her numerous brand endorsements.

Aside from being a total performer, BLACKPINK Lisa has also been known for being a fashion icon who made a huge splash at the Paris Fashion Week. The Thai beauty even scored an endorsement deal with Prada. Last year, she even attended the Prada Show during the Milan Fashion Week 2020, wherein she sported a golden suit.

Lisa, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar Singapore, revealed that she is very eager to buy Celine pieces. It was even divulged that the BLACKPINK member has a bag collection that I worth roughly $83,000.

If that is not enough, Lisa has also amassed millions of followers on various social media platforms. The BLACKPINK member, in fact, has a total of 47.8 million followers on Instagram and more than 6.15 million subscribers on YouTube.

Despite being the richest, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé have openly confessed that Lisa is very generous as she frequently treats them with food. Jisoo, in an interview, shared that Lisa buys them meals whenever they are in their dormitories.

BLACKPINK Lisa and Her Life Behind the Limelight

While most fans know that Lisa is a great dancer, not all are fully aware of her background. Reports claimed that the "Whistle" hitmaker actually came from a well-off life even before the fame.

The stepfather of BLACKPINK member Lisa is Marco Brüschweiler, who is a renowned master chef that served several luxury hotels around the globe. He is said to be running his own culinary school in Bangkok City, Thailand, specializing in Thai cuisine.

When not working, BLACKPINK Lisa loves to spend time shopping. In fact, she has been sighted having retail therapy all over the world. She is fond of hitting malls and fashion houses in her home country with her bandmates when she is not shopping in a Celine boutique.

Lisa, just like her bandmates, is also known to give support and donations to various charities and humanitarian organizations. The BLACKPINK member even hit the headlines after she donated a significant amount of money to the flood victims from Buriram in 2019. Reports have it that the K-pop superstar gave approximately $3,000.