BLACKPINK Jennie & Lisa Are The 1st K-Pop Idols To Achieve Impressive Milestone On Youtube

BLACKPINK Jennie & Lisa Are The 1st K-Pop Idols To Achieve Impressive Milestone On Youtube

BLACKPINK members Jennie and Lisa have proven their star power and worldwide influence once again after their very own YouTube Channels have generated a huge number of subscribers that lots of people are dreaming of.

BLACKPINK members Jennie and Lisa's YouTube channels hit over 5 million subscribers recently.

BLACKPINK Member Jennie is Making Waves on YouTube

The official channel of BLACKPINK member Jennie has been getting a lot of attention among her avid followers ever since she shared a clip of her on the said platform. The "SOLO" singer uploaded a video of her titled "Hello world. From Jennie," which featured the K-Pop idol sharing some details of her personal life.

As of press time, her sole video on the Jennierubyjane Official channel, which was uploaded on her birthday, has garnered a total of 24,888,016 views, more than 2.8 million likes, and 343,507 comments. BLACKPINK member Jennie even showed her pet on the clip as well as a song cover of "When Will My Life Begin?" by Mandy Moore.

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Due to the huge success of her YouTube debut, the BLACKPINK member received the YouTube Silver Button right away. With her devoted supporters' continuous love and support, it would not come as a surprise Jennie will get the most sought-after YouTube Gold Button one of these days.

Aside from Jennie, BLACKPINK member Lisa is also making her own name on YouTube. As a matter of fact, the "How You Like That" hitmaker's channel called Lilifilm Official has also generated more than five million subscribers on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Lisa showed off her dance performances on her very own YouTube channel. She launched her channel on Sept. 27, 2019, with a clip of her and Jisoo hitting the streets of Japan. The debut video already has 3,482,692 views, more than 452,000 likes, and 9,859 comments.

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BLACKPINK's Very First Virtual Live Show "THE SHOW" Was a Hit

BLACKPINK brought their A-game with stunning and breathtaking numbers of their tracks off "The Album" LP during "THE SHOW" concert on Sunday, Jan. 31. Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé have generated more than 280,000 viewers around the world, which helped them garner more than $10.5 million is just one night.

During "THE SHOW" concert, each BLACKPINK member had their solo performances, which included a live band and striking live show effects. Rosé dropped her first solo track called "Gone" while Lisa covered the song titled "Say So" by Doja Cat. Jisoo, for her part, sang her version of "Habits" by Tove Lo and Jennie sang her song called "SOLO."

"THE SHOW" was the first-ever collaboration of the group with YouTube Music. Only those who paid for an exclusive membership were able to access the live virtual concert. Fans who failed to watch the online event still has a chance to witness BLACKPINK's stunning performances as the video streaming giant is rebroadcasting it eight times.


BLACKPINK Gains Over 10 Billion Won In Profit After “THE SHOW” Concert

BLACKPINK‘s recent online concert, The Show, was a huge hit with fans—so huge, in fact, that it brought in over ₩10 billion KRW in revenue.

Hosted by Youtube Music in partnership with YG Entertainment, The Show was BLACKPINK’s first online concert and the first show in the company’s new concert series, YG Palm Stage. After announcing the concert in early December last year, BLACKPINK finally treated fans to the full event on January 31, 2021.

In true BLACKPINK style, The Show was full of unforgettable moments. Rosé, for example, premiered her solo debut song, “Gone”.

Jennie, meanwhile, wrote a whole new rap for her own solo song, “SOLO”.

On top of that, Jisoo re-arranged Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” in full Korean.

And who could forget Lisa‘s incredible cover of Doja Cat’s “Say So”?

Given how packed the 90-minute concert was, it should come as no surprise that BLINKs from around the world flocked to buy tickets. Of course, that doesn’t make the total numbers BLACKPINK pulled in any less incredible.

In total, BLACKPINK sold a staggering 280,000 tickets, surpassing the 205,000 seats they sold during their Japan Dome Tour last year.

With tickets selling for ₩36,000 KRW (about $32.20 USD) to ₩48,000 KRW (about $43.00 USD) depending on whether fans wanted special benefits like the behind video series, The Show generated an incredible ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.95 million USD) in total.

Plus, YG Entertainment has noted that the figure doesn’t even include the concert’s merchandise sales. According to estimations from NEWSIS, the revenue from BLACKPINK’s The Show goods is likely to bring their total sales up to ₩15.0 billion KRW (about $13.4 million USD).

Fans may not be able to see BLACKPINK in person right now, but that isn’t stopping anyone from showering them with support.