AKMU Lee Suhyun will lend her voice for the Korean version of the famous song ‘Reflection’ from the OST of Disney movie ‘Mulan’.


‘Mulan’ is an action blockbuster about a brave and wise woman who hides her gender and becomes a soldier to protect her beloved family and country from brutal enemies.

‘Reflection’, one of the three end-credit songs from the movie, is one of the most loved songs in the 1998 Disney animation ‘Mulan’. It is about the feelings of Mulan, who wants to find her true self without having to fit in that the world wants, and is expected to double the movie’s emotions. The song will be remade as a grand orchestral version in the first live-action film to be released in 22 years, creating nostalgia for moviegoers.


The official Korean version of the song will be sung by AKMU Lee Suhyun, a vocalist with an unrivaled voice and outstanding singing ability, and her participation in the official cover in Korea came as she accepted Disney’s love call.

Having established herself as a “trust and listen” singer, Lee Suhyun is set to sing ‘Reflection’ with a unique, refreshing yet attractive tone.

In particular, AKMU Lee Suhyun has already sung ‘Speechless’ of ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Into the Unknown’ of ‘Frozen 2’ on JTBC’s hit show ‘Begin Again Korea’ this year. As such, attention is being paid to her rendition of’Reflection’.

In the video clip released earlier, AKMU’s Lee Suhyun drew attention by saying, “I finally got Disney’s love call,” and that she became a “successful fan”. The vocalist went on to say, “As a Disney fan, I’m really happy to participate in a song that has long been loved by many people. Please love the movie ‘Mulan’ and the Korean version of ‘Reflection’ I sang.”

The film ‘Mulan’ will be released on September 10.