A new photo taken in the training camp of actor Park Bo Gum, who officially joined the Navy on August 31, is drawing attention.


The Naval Education and Training Command released several photos of the trainees on their official website on September 10. Among them, actor Park Bo Gum was spotted staring at the camera wearing a military uniform and a mask.

Standing straight with his colleagues, Park Bo Gum is on the edge and shows off his handsome face despite a mask covering his face. Fans recognized the actor thanks to the name “Bo Gum” that can be seen on hist name tag.

Park Bo Gum quietly joined the The Naval Education and Training Command in Jinhae on March 31. Considering the COVID-19 crisis in south Korea, he left carefully, keeping the time and place of enlistment a secret.


The 27-year-old actor, who worked hard until just before joining the army, finished his role for tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Record of Youth‘, which first aired on September 7, as well as his role for the film ‘Wonderland’ (directed by Kim Tae Yong), which will be released in 2021. The movie ‘Seo bok’ (director Lee Yong Joo), which was filmed earlier, is also considering when it will be released.

Park Bo Gum will serve as a cultural promotion soldier at the Navy headquarters after six weeks of training. He will be discharged from the military in April 2022.