WandaVision: Marvel And Their Big Comeback

WandaVision: Marvel And Their Big Comeback
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The movie WandaVision - Marvel's television blockbuster has released the first 2 episodes which are extremely interesting, charismatic but still creepy because of too many mysteries.

After more than a year of waiting, Marvel's most anticipated TV blockbuster of the year has finally arrived. The first 2 episodes of WandaVision bring a new wind to the Marvel universe when choosing to stay away from the conventional superhero movie. Instead, this work with a sitcom style brings both strange laughter and countless mysteries waiting, hiding behind the frame. With a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, WandaVision is definitely a good quality product.

The sitcom style of the old decade


Marvel fans all know the witch Wanda along with her Vision lover were born in modern times. However, the WandaVision series chose the setting of the 1950s, the color of the film was also black and white, aroused many questions. If episode 1 used a 1950 setting with many influential details from The Dick Van Dyke Show or I Love Lucy (famous films of the same period), in episode 2, the film used materials from Bewitched and I. Dream of Jeannie - the names of the 1960s. Likewise, it seems that episode 3 will take the audience with many inspired and "throw back" details of the 1970s. With a fun, humorous style (and really funny details!), WandaVision still makes viewers feel thorny and creepy in some details, signaling something unusual around the game. live of two main characters. Because, the last time Vision appeared in a Marvel movie, he was savagely killed by Thanos. Vision's sudden return to Wanda in the past shows that it all seems to be just a virtual reality. This is also the theory that many people believe the most: Wanda, too saddened by the loss of her husband, created a new reality, reviving Vision. However, it still feels like something bigger is chasing and watching over the powerful witch of Marvel.

A taste too different from previous Marvel!


Viewers, if they are too familiar with Marvel's bright, punching and punching movies, they will probably be "matched" when they start enjoying WandaVision. The first 2 episodes of the show only have the main color of white and black, and do not have any action scenes. Audiences only see Wanda doing simple spells like washing dishes, cooking rice - and even the effects the producer chooses to feel like this is a movie made 70 years ago. The acting, lighting, setting, costumes, effects and especially the script of the film make this work smart, humorous but also strangely easy to watch. The experience of enjoying the first 2 episodes of the show is completely stress-free - although by the end of episode 2 it seems that the details are getting a bit more serious with the emergence of some strange forces. As expected of the audience, WandaVision is a must-see film that Marvel fans cannot miss. In particular, the plot of the film is also confirmed to have a very close connection with the movies in Marvel's 4th era - most importantly, Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness, which is coming soon.

WandaVision radiates Marvel's confidence in its content treasure diversification. The work is both humorous and charming and most of all, extremely intelligent and effective. Who would have thought that the movie's vintage-smelling jokes could make the audience laugh out loud while watching, but then also very curious? As the opening name for a new era of the most expensive film franchise on the planet, WandaVision seems to be on the right track.