The strangest love stories on Hollywood screen

The strangest love stories on Hollywood screen

Let's take a look at Hollywood movies "unique" with love between people and somethings … not people. Hollywood is an...

Let's take a look at Hollywood movies "unique" with love between people and somethings … not people.

Hollywood is an open land for filmmakers' imagination to fly high and far. But in addition to many works that make viewers admire, there are also details … deviating from the trajectory, making viewers surprised. Recently, Netflix has also made people excited with a documentary with very quirky "touch, caress" segments between a man and an octopus living under the sea called My Octopus Teacher.

Only in this article, let's take a look at the relationships in history between people and someone who is not-human on Hollywood screen. Some works have even become classics and won great awards, but have also sparked controversy over practicality and humanity. Surprisingly, even Marvel is on the list this time!

Beauty and the Beast


Opening this extremely special list is the name of the classic fairy that family members all know. Disney has contributed significantly in bringing the story of romance between a rural girl and a monster, with an animated film from 1991 and most recently a live version of 2017.

Although based on the beloved fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast still makes many people wonder about the female lead's psychological journey. The girl is held captive by an aggressive beast that falls in love with him somewhat similar to the description of Stockholm syndrome - a psychological syndrome where the hostages gradually become romantically involved with their kidnappers. Even though the film's fans still argue that the film's message is "love overcomes all physical barriers", the idea of ​​a young girl falling in love with a monster (or in the Disney version looks quite like a lion) still gives a feeling of pigmentation, difficult to swallow.

The Shape of Water


The next name is a bit more "heavyweight", is the blockbuster The Shape of Water by the famous director Guillermo del Toro 2017, who won with the award for Excellent Film most at Oscar. The movie is about a mute girl who falls in love with a male amphibian captured from the Amazon River and imprisoned in a laboratory. This "total fortune" then, because he was too hungry, also ate a cat from the neighbor of the main character.

One of the climax of the film is when the heroine has a kiss with this monster in the bath. The film ends when the two have a happy life together, which touched many viewers with tears while many people lost their soul during the 123 minutes of the film. Since the figure of the sea monster still looks full of limbs and is most likely … genitals, the story of The Shape of Water can still be considered light. Notably, there is an adult toy production company that quickly "catches the trend" and produces products inspired by this character that make everyone afraid.

Bee Movie

Known as an animated movie for children, but Bee Movie is one of the nightmares of adults when they have a lot of knowledge about life and sex. The film is about a bee who accidentally knows a woman and falls in love with her, even imagining warm moments together. The girl also helped this bee to sue humans for daring to use honey without paying for the bees. Humans declare bees win and humans will no longer use honey. Because there is too much honey, the bees don't have to work, so the flowers die. The bee and the woman set out to rescue the plants again.

The story of Bee Movie will actually be very interesting and creative if the film does not have many disturbing segments about the lack of clarity between humans and bees. After watching the movie, many viewers had to scream that this is a human-beast movie in the guise of a childish cartoon, not to mention the very "brain explosion" scenario. Anyway, Bee Movie has so far been considered one of the classics when it comes to Hollywood's quirky film group.

The Pincess and the Frog


Following the theme of animation, another work from the Disney house is caught up in a tragic love affair between humans and animals. This fairy tale is equally popular, about a girl who must kiss a toad to help it turn back into a human. The original story consists of the girl having to actually put a passionate kiss on the toad's gagging mouth, but fortunately the Disney cartoon has added new innovations.

Specifically, the 2009 animated film The Princess and the Frogn has turned the female lead into a toad in order to go on a four-tank adventure with the male lead. However, even if the heroine turns into a frog, her feelings will remain the same. Therefore, the fact that her sexual orientation changed from human to amphibian is still one of the big questions of the audience.

King Kong


Contrary to the image of the King Kong monster in today's Hollywood blockbusters, audiences have seen a classic version of King Kong since 1976. In this movie, the Kong monster fell in love with a beautiful, seductive woman. Of course this girl didn't have any romantic feelings for a monster as tall as a building. Throughout the film, Kong has to fight against the onslaught of humans, while trying to protect the girl he loves. But only at the end of the movie, this girl realized the care and love of Kong for her. The film, when released, also made many people concerned because of the special love between people - monsters, not to mention the scene where Kong was trying to undress the female lead for a special "sex" but she quickly escaped.

Until now, although King Kong is a classic with a highly-rated episode, many people still couldn't help but grimace at the thought of the strange love story between a hot girl and a giant ape.

Howard the Duck

The last name on the list belongs to a special Marvel character - Howard the Duck. Howard is an alien creature (but looks a lot like a duck) accidentally strayed to Earth, then met Beverly - a young girl who led him home.

The scene after that made many viewers in awe: the Beverly girl began to slowly undress, revealing her hot body and calling a duck to bed with her. The two started to confide and even kissed each other passionately (but the audience's hearts were cold), before being interrupted by other characters. This segment is described by many people is very "animalistic", if not frightening. Much later in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, the audience saw this character again, but looked a little more wrinkled.